Chynadoll Creations

Chynadoll Creations

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Introducing Danica the artist

Upon starting any repaint or diorama, the idea starts forming in my head  a while before completion. The idea for this diorama formed in my head three months ago. It did not materialize due to the fact that I had not gotten the doll that I needed to complete this project. Well... Valentines day, my wonderful husband Hampton purchased the new line of S.I.S dolls + one extra Marisa :) I was extremely excited! I had visualized this diorama and now I was gonna be able to execute it whoo hoo!

The inspiration for this diorama is my handsome brother Denys Cowan. He is a well known artist/ producer in the comic industry. He has done numerous pieces of art for the last umpteen years LOL. He has produced episodes of the Boondocks (animated cartoon ) . He did the art work for Static Shock which was also an animated cartoon on the WB network here in the East Coast. To learn more about my brother and see some of his work, just Google his name or type it into Wikipedia. A whole bunch of stuff on him pops up :) 
I am a huge fan of his work and am always inspired by him.

So..... having said all of that,
                                      Here is my newest Diorama featuring Danica The Artist

This is the before pic of  Marisa

Danica in her art studio. She just finished doing a portrait
of my brother.  That picture (a self portrait)was actually done by
Denys. Some of his work is featured
throughout the diorama.   It is up against the wall, on the floor
and there is a tiny pic of him with a cap on just behind Danica's
chair :)

Danica has been repainted using artistic acrylics
and sealers. Her hair has had saran hair added to her
own to make it longer, change the style and add body.

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This diorama features several hand made items.  Bookcase is
from tiny popsicles, books,  ipod , ipad2 , pencils and watercolor pencils are all
handmade. Floral water color pic was duplicated by me :) The art on the wall
"The Creation Of Man" is a printout from the computer and not done
by my brother. The flower
vases are made from beads and little pieces of glass,  and of
course there is my favorite little pipe cleaner puppy!

Chynadoll Creations

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Introducing Ginger and her boutique - Ginger's Gems

This how this journey begins .......
This entire outfit was made out of craft paper.  I purchased
this paper to use in one of my many scrapbooks that I make for myself,
friends and family. I was messing around with this paper, watching tv and
handbags popped in my head! Ok, I happened to be watching
the QVC channel.
 Well after the handbag was made, an outfit popped
in my head with  a matching hat. Ok, so after that was done, an idea for
a whole boutique popped in my head lol and thus began the madness of
Ginger's Boutique of Gems

Different hat and handbag and of course the
cute little handmade puppy. 

Ok moving on to the boutique..........

Here is the grand opening of   Ginger's Gems.
The back drop of the boutique is made from cereal boxes, electrical
tape and craft stock paper.

The flooring is vinyl tile from home depot.
Shelves are empty jewelry boxes, as well
as other sized empty boxes.

Top shelf is an empty jewelry box top with black
craft foam to hold sunglasses.
Hat, bag and clutch on top are made from raised craft

Standing shelf is made from my iphone case:)

This is June (a previous repaint) shopping with her friend Harper.
Harper is shopping for boots.

Here, try these white ones!

Ok, what about these silver sexy ones?

Ginger counting the money lol

She has a full face repaint using artistic acrylics and sealers..
Her hair was washed then twisted down her back in a loose twisted

Shoes are from the Basic Accessory packs that Odd Lots
had on sale for eight bucks apiece!

How do I look in these sunglasses?

June thinks that she needs these short sexy boots for herself!

Opps, sorry says Ginger, I don't have those in your size,
how about these sexy black ones?

June is a little disappointed that she can't get the ones
she wanted in her size!

Counter is made from the other part of my iphone. Display stands
are made from a paper towel roll. 


Ginger / Ginger's Gems
Chynadoll Creations

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Introducing Enrique

Well, last weekend I went to the English Town Flea Market once again. I went there with Hampton and a friend of ours . While we were  walking thru one of the buildings  my friend said "hey look, there are some Barbies over there in that box". I go over and low and behold, I find not one... but five dolls in that box  that I just had to have. Three of them were Ken and two were Barbie.  They were $1.00 each. So let me tell you, I was ready to leave right then and there LOL. My trip was a success, spent five dollars and was very happy!  

My first repaint was of a Ken doll.... (the others will be shown in later posts)

Talk a look....

This is the before pic

Close up :)

Meet Enrique :)
He is standing by the bar showing off his muscles.

Enrique is a Ken full face repaint.
He has been repainted using artistic
acrylics and sealers. He was given a
slightly darker skin tone and his
chest area was shaded to show definition.

Enrique's hair has been neatly trimmed
on the sides and in the back.

Enrique is wearing a hand painted
tattoo on his chest. 

Sunglasses, Jeans and shoes are
by Mattel. Vest is by me.

Chynadoll Creations

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Introducing June

June is a Barbie Fashionista repaint.

She has been repainted using artistic acrylics and sealers.
June's hair has been styled in a twisted loc style.

This is June sitting with her former self LOL

Close up :)

Dio has been created by me. Sofa chair and coffee table is
repainted Gloria furniture. TV stand is from Justin Bieber play set.

Chynadoll Creations

Friday, February 3, 2012

Introducing Lucia

Originally, I was designing this doll as a commission.  Unfortunately, or I should say fortunately I had a mini doll showing at my home last night at the request of my friend Carol.

 Carol has been spreading the word about my dolls around the community and amongst her friends. Well, a few of them wanted to drop by and take a look at some of my work and possibly purchase some of the dolls I had to sell. 

Lucia was sitting on my work space ( I had just finished her along with another that I was getting ready to ship out) and an elderly gentleman who had come along ( he was actually the cab driver of one of the women who came to purchase) spotted her and said that he would like to purchase her!

 I was a little dumbstruck because I did not even know that he was looking at the dolls LOL. He was actually speaking to my husband while the other women were looking at each doll. Well needless to say, she sold on the spot and I managed to sell two others as well. I also got a commission for another doll for next month! 

What a blessing it was to have sold three dolls (cash) and have a commission on one, especially when I was not expecting it! I often paint just because I love it and get so much pleasure out of crafting and just creating these dolls. Wow!

Thanks goes out  first and foremost to God from who all blessing flow...

 To my friend Carol for being a blessing to me by spreading the word of Chynadoll Creations with folks wanting to own a Chynadoll Creation... 

Fran of who goes out and finds these wonderful dolls for me to use as my canvas... 

and last but not least... my dear friend who commissioned me to do this doll in the first place. I have since spoken to her and told her about this and she was thrilled. I plan to do another doll for her in Lucia's place.  She totally understood. I also promised her that her doll will still go out on schedule and that I will not have another showing before I get to mail it out to her LOL.

So.... After all that LOL

Introducing Lucia

The before pic. She is one of many dolls that Frannie
has supplied me with. I am not sure who
she is. 

Close up

Introducing Lucia. Lucia was named by Marty,
the gentleman who purchased her for his
granddaughter :)

Chynadoll Creations

Lucia has been repainted using artistic acrylics and
sealers. Her hair was styled in a twisted blow out
Jewelry/sunglasses, dress and sneakers by Mattel. 

This is Lucia, Marty's granddaughter. He is
putting the doll aside for her until she is older :)

Marty asked me if I could put a bow in her hair
for his grandbaby. How cute!