Chynadoll Creations

Chynadoll Creations

Monday, October 29, 2012

Hey all, Instead of sitting in my house today waiting on hurricane Sandy, I decided to be creative and create. Besides, it totally takes my mind off my house shaking and pieces flying off!

A huge piece of my house flew off and hit my car.

Hubby brought it in the house and put in the garage to keep
it from flying around out there!

Introducing Sandie

Chynadoll Creations

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Monster High In Da House!

Here is a post of my other love ......

                                   Monster High

I love Clawdeen and Howleen Wolf!!!

They are such fun to pose and play with LOL. Yes I do have my moments where I am a little girl again playing with dolls:) I even annoy my hubby with it.  He was asleep one night and the little bad girl in me started messing with him.

Have a look at my Monster High play time.

My First and Second attempt at a MH repaint.

She has no name yet because I am not sure if she
is gonna keep that face yet LOL

This is my first MH repaint :) she is actually wearing
FR clothing.
She just LOVES that sweater!

The Gang
Only one of them has a fashionista body so far!

The newest member of the clan is Howleen.
She just looks like she is up to no good!

That is the cuteness right there LOL

Me being silly one night while my hubby was sleeping.
 Ha Ha
He never even moved or woke up!

Chynadoll Creations

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Stephanie goes shopping :)

Introducing Stephanie.

Stephanie is a S.I.S Trichelle repaint. She has been repainted using
artistic acrylics, pastels and sealers.

Her clothing was purchased in Orlando at the convention during one
of the room sales . I don't know who made it.
It came in a clear plastic baggie that was on the table
with other goodies for sale. 

Her hair was water permed and then blown out.

Stephanie: Now this is NICE.  Having my feet massaged while sipping wine and trying on my new shoes!
Dennis is just such a sweet heart :)

Dennis: Hey Stephanie, can I get you a refill on your wine?

Stephanie: mmm why yes Dennis, don't mind if I do!

Dennis: Drink up sweetie :)

Stephanie: Ahh, I do believe Dennis is trying to get me drunk!

The image on Dennis's shirt  is actually
a self portrait of my brother Denys.  He did that drawing
of himself when he created his comic book company
Milestone Media. 

Stephanie: mmmm It's getting HOT in here.... So take off.....
never mind ya'll!

I know you guys were singing the rest of that song with me LOL

Chynadoll Creations

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Introducing Malia

Introducing Malia

Malia is a S.I.S repaint. 

She has been repainted using artistic acrylics, pastels and sealers.

Her clothing and jewelry are hand made.

Her original hair was removed and she has been flocked
using warm coco flocking.

Chynadoll Creations

Saturday, October 6, 2012

FR Convention goodies pt2

Fun with the Color Infusion style lab dolls. 

These dolls were for sale at the FR convention. They had letters on them like subject a, b, c etc. Please don't ask me who is who because I really don't recall .  I threw away the wrapping they came in sorry :(

I have since given them names. I came home with just three of them and wish I had purchased more. I have now seen them selling for crazy prices on Ebay ! With these dolls, you were allowed to purchase the ones you pre signed up for prior to the convention. I only signed up for two. After everyone got what they signed up for, then you were able to go back and purchase more of them.

 Let me tell you, those lines were crazy long and when those doors opened for purchase....
OMG..... Watch out!! It was like a crazed mob on black friday with the last 50" TV on sale!

Here my purchases.....

Meet Dante. He is one of the males that they had. I  think they had two or three others.
I was only interested in his look! He is wearing on of the outfits avail for him.

The hat is kinda goofy but he is working it LOL

Off with that hot jacket! OOO La La

Close up

I think he  likes the hat LOL

This is Desire. She was one of the subjects that just had to
come home with me also. Her feet are huge LOL. She can stand by herself!

The face is stunning!

She's saying  "What"!!!

She is throwing off major attitude!

This is Rachel

She is the Latina of the house :) She also had to come home with

Strike a pose!

Dante is loving the attention :)

Looks like the ladies are liking Dante mmm. Someone is
trying to claim him!! Who will it be?

Looks like Desire has staked claim to the new hunk.

They do look good together! 

I think Dante is just liking the photo op! We shall see
who captures his eye:)

Chynadoll Creations