Chynadoll Creations

Chynadoll Creations

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Making doll food with polymer clay.

Ok, so I decided to take just a tiny break from repainting. Since my dollar store challenge, I got hooked on this polymer clay buzz. I'm always doing scenes where my gals and guys are sitting around a table eating and I never have enough food! I got tired of spending crazy money on re-ment and decided to make my own food! Now I am totally hooked! I did these all in one hour and on one day. This is my very first attempt at making food. Once I practice further, I will have some totally realistic food! I am seriously excited at this prospect! 

For my food project, I used SculpteyIII Polymer Clay, Liquid Clay, Pastels, gloss and a various assortment of tools like toothpicks, needles, etc.

Ok here goes.........

I made several things and  when I got half way thru,  I remembered to take shots of what I was doing .... Duh!!!

This is my version of a Chocolate Carrot cake. I was on the phone
with hubby.  I told him that I just finished making this
cake. He got all excited until he found out it was in clay LOL

This was my Spaghetti and meat balls. I made this dinner earlier
(my real dinner... just with turkey) and decided to make my dolls
some. This is actually the finished picture. I had a hard time making the
sauce red enough. I though it was red but after baking it in
the oven, it turned darker. Mmmm gonna have to work on
correcting this! I painted the pasta yellowish using a fat paint
brush and light yellow chalk pastels.

Before pic prior to adding yellow pastel and baking in oven.

This is my french fries waiting to go into the oven along
with a piece of bacon. Go figure, I am making all the stuff that
I do not eat (except the spaghetti LOL)

This is a mammoth burger !Pre adding color to bun and baking.

This is the beginning of my pizza.  I
remembered  during this time to take photos as I was working.
Here I am smashing down the cheese. The next picture is me
placing the cheese. 
Adding the cheese. mmmm yummy cheese

Dicing the ham...

Everything ready for the oven. Baked at 250 for
about 12 minutes..

These are some of the plates I worked on.

Eggs over easy, toast with jam and crispy bacon.  Not bad for
my very first try!

My hubby's fav meal. Pancakes and sausage links.
 If he could eat these everyday
for breakfast lunch and dinner he would! 

Finished burger with lettuce,tomato's onions and cheese. There is a nice side of crispy fries. The gloss was still drying on the fries ha ha.

The yummy pizza with ham, olives, peppers etc.
I had so much fun making these! I plan to make much more so stay tuned!
Maybe some sushi!!!
Its only gonna get better.
Thanks for taking the time to look.

Chynadoll Creations 2013

Friday, March 15, 2013

Dollar Store Challenge

Pretty in Pink

This was a challenge from one of the groups on FB (a group where we all gather to share our love of dolls) The object of this challenge was to purchase items from the dollar store and create some stuff or come up with a thing, concept, diorama (or whatever) from dollar store purchases. There was no particular amount you had to spend and you could use stuff you already had as well. This was my entry.

Featuring a few of my repaints and two lovely ladies by  Mr Jon Copeland. The little ones were also repainted by me .

My Dollar store finds.

I spent about $25 at two different dollar stores. I used about $7 dollars in the construction of this diorama. I used dollar store (med/ hard) foam board to make the wall unit, and the base of the floor. I purchased craft paper (single sheets ) at the $ store and use it for the wall paper backing on the wall unit. The flooring is two tiles of flooring that I already had from Home depot with a $ store piece of textured paper on top if it. The wall hanging is a printed picture on $ store paper as well as the art on the shelves. The art on the shelves has a backing of foam board from $ store. The sofa (which I already had) is carefully covered with a small sized child's tee shirt from the rack in the $ store (nothing is attached permanent to my beautiful sofa, I used push pins which can be removed. The dog on the shelf of the bookcase (white one, was purchased in the $ store and spray painted white ($store spray paint) The lamps were beaded bracelets (2) from the $ store strung on wire with foam board and a paper shade glued to it.

 Books (long row) on the shelf were made from $ store craft foam. I used pages from a magazine and glued it to the foam. Then I folded and cut my books to size (glued them together). The other books (Barbie) were made for me by my friend Muff (as well as the other books
 Fifty Shades of Grey)  The coffee table is made using the same med/ hard foam board and aluminum foil wrapped around the edges ($ store foil) The legs of the table are aa batteries wrapped in foil. 

The end tables are made using those metal thingys ($ store find) and thick rounds of foam used in floral decorations (another $ store purchase). Pics on the table are printed from my computer and one is actually my hubby and I lol (stuck to med/ foam board)

 All other stuff is stuff I had already. Oh yeah, I purchased some of that sculpty clay from Michaels on sale for $1.29 and attempted to make the table goodies and the art deco on the shelves. LOL. That was my first time using that stuff and I actually had a ball with it I will continue to practice with that clay! Thanks to my friend  Stephanie Thompson for your instructions on how to use it. The rest of my $ store purchases will probably show up in future dioramas. Hope you enjoyed the pics as much as I did making this and putting it all together! Thanks for looking ♥

Chynadoll Creations 2013

Sunday, March 3, 2013

S.I.S - Happy Birthday to me ;-)

Repainted S.I.S using artistic acrylics, pastels and sealers.

Dashing off to go out to dinner with my hubby and a few
friends for my birthday. Catch you guys later 0^0


Saturday, March 2, 2013

S.I.S and Cornrow LOve

Repainted S.I.S using artistic acrylics, pastels and sealers
Hair has been washed, conditioned and braided into

Her jewelry & shirt was made by me :-)

Chynadoll Creations 2013