Chynadoll Creations

Chynadoll Creations

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Santa's Helper Keri plus 1

Christmas is my favorite time of the year.  I love decorating for Christmas. My hubby says it looks like Macy's  in my house after I finish decorating. I always like to put our tree up on Black Friday, and the church tree up on that Sunday. Last year I decorated 15 trees for neighbors, coworkers and friends. Let's see how many I get to do this year :)

This year, I had two of Santa's  helpers:) Let's take a look at some of our work .

This is one of my trees. This one is in my den which is on the
lower level of the house and sits opposite a huge
windows in the front of the house.

There is Keri, going up the ladder with the elf's
to help finish decorating.

Keri, sitting in her sleigh after all her work!
A few of the other dolls that grace the tree :)

Different angle of the tree.

 A few more of the many dolls nestled in
our tree. 

There is one of santa's other helpers fixing
the lights and set up by the fireplace in the
living room :) Santa's helper still has to hang
the lights outside and get the upstairs tree
ready for me to decorate LOL.

A tired Santa's helper after church lol

Keri standing next to her own tree.

Keri is a full face repaint using artistic acrylics
and sealers.
Her clothing (Jacket) is from Mattel. Her boots are
handmade by a friend for Chynadoll Creations :)

Sitting in Santa's sleigh with a few of the toys.

This is the holiday greeting card I made for
friends and family.

This is Keri's magazine cover with Santa.

Chynadoll Creations

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tokidoki who? No its Tacara

A while back, I was inspired from a fellow blogger, you know who you are LOL (and if not, you will half way thru this blog ). First and foremost, I am thankful for the creative energy that I have flowing thru my body.  I am always inspired by folks who create things with their hands and imagination. Having watched my brother become a huge success in the art community for many years, I became inspired to try my hand at repainting Barbie. I am a constant student. I am always ready to learn new things and challenge my mind. I started repainted Barbies almost three years ago. I am self taught  and strive to teach others what I have learned along the way. I  am constantly searching the internet for techniques and applications pertaining to repainting, flocking and everything else Barbie. 
 I  came across  a lovely post about rerooting a Barbie's hair. Let me tell you! I was blown away at the sheer beauty of this particular reroot. It was on a Ken Doll. He had long beautiful hair. That was the spark of my inspiration to reroot. 

Cat from A doll Affinity does such lovely reroots. She has inspired me to try my hand at rerooting.

A while later, she posted her OOAK inspired Tokidoki Barbie. Again, I was blown away by her creativity and talent. So having said that, I am dedicating this blog to Cat for her talent, creativity and her inspiration.

Ok, so let's take a look at my very first (probably my last lol) reroot and Tokidoki inspired OOAK

Here is the doll before her reroot and after her
repainted face. Silly me, I am so used to
repainting right at the start, I really should
have waited to repaint her face after the reroot!

This is also the last of the dolls that my niece
so generously gave me. Hmmm, I might have
to go hit up a few of my other nieces for some
of their dolls :O)

Introducing Tacara

Ok, here goes..

Tacara has been repainted using
artistic acrylics and sealers. She has painfully been
rerooted using saran hair colors plum and chocolate. I
had to repaint parts of her face over because pulling
and tugging on the hair as I was rerooting caused it
to mess up. 

I had a serious time with this particular doll right at the start!
Removing her head, her neck snapped and the little piece inside
broke off.  Her head cracked at the base of her neck.
Crazy glue works wonders!!

During the reroot process, parts of her scalp started to cave in
and come off in pieces !! Once again crazy glue to the rescue!

It took me three days, four needles(because I kept breaking them)
 and bloody fingers (from poking my fingers with those darn needles
to get her completed.
She is wearing a one of a kind outfit and has a hand painted tattoo.
Shoes, bag, belt and dog are from Mattel.
Her earrings are handmade from sterling silver.

For my first reroot, I have to say that I am quite pleased
even if it took some blood sweat and tears to finish her.
Thanks Cat once again for the inspiration :)

Chynadoll Creations

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Let us Give Thanks

    • As we celebrate this Thanksgiving... lets us look upon the little children throughout this country and all over the  world. Let us  not forget that we were once little children and continue to be children of God.

      Will you say a prayer with me?

      Let us pray:

       Father, God.. We come humbly before the throne of grace, we who are your children

       ask of thee Father God, to look down upon the hungry children of this land. These your children Father God, who have not had any
       food, shelter, and are sick, and dying in this country and around the world.

       We ask that you have mercy Father God! You know what the desires and the needs of your children are. We ask  also that you look upon those who are going thru financial strains, and have no money to feed their own families, not just  this Thanksgiving but every day Father God, have mercy !  

      We continue to ask that you help those mourning the loss of loved ones this holiday season, that you may give  them peace and help them to know that they can find comfort in you! 

      Let us also remember to give thanks for all of the blessings that we do have . Help us to remember that this Thanksgiving is about giving thanks! Not the shopping and madness that goes along with rushing to acquire more things, but giving thanks in all things, especially for waking us up yet another morning to glorify you. 

       We are thankful for our families and friends near and far. Keep us in your mercy Father God. We give you thanks, honor praise and all glory.... in the  name of Jesus,


      Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours :)
                                    Cecile & Hampton
      The little ones decided that they would celebrate
      with Lo Mein , eggrolls , cake and Mickey Mouse cookies!

      Fashion dolls at van's doll treasures, Thanks Vanessa
      for the Lo Mein and eggrolls.
      All other food is Re-ment food.
      Dining set is Gloria furniture that has been
      repainted/ redone by me.

      Chynadoll Creations

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Introducing Tristan

Introducing Tristan

Tristan is a Ken doll repaint.
His original floppy hair
was removed and he was given
this midnight black flock hair cut.

Tristan is wearing fashions by

Chynadoll Creations

Friday, November 18, 2011

Introducing Tori

Before doll

Introducing Tori

Tori is a S.I.S repaint.
She has been repainted using artistic acrylics
and sealers.

Tori's hair has been washed,
conditioned and half twisted
into a ponytail.

Chynadoll Creations

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Stacey and Tracey Best Friends for Life :0)

Introducing Tracey
She is a Kelly doll repaint.
Clothing and toy duck by Mattel

Introducing Stacey
She is a Kelly Doll repaint
Clothing and shoes by Mattel

BFF' Stacey & Tracey
Chynadoll Creations

Chynadoll Creations

Thanks Frannie thrift store dolls for the gift of the Kelly dolls :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Introducing Ashley

Introducing Ashley

Ashley is a S.I.S repaint and original design.
She has been repainted using artistic acrylics
and sealers. She is wearing a stylish updo.
Her tee shirt has added glitter to the design.

Ashley is wearing hand sewn jeans
with a hand painted design.
Sneakers have been repainted and are
by Mattel.

Chilling out at home on her day off.

Watching her favorite team (ok my fav team lol)
The NY Yankees oh Yeah!!!

Chynadoll Creations

Friday, November 11, 2011

Introducing Fiona of the Chyna dolls

Introducing Fiona

Fiona is one of the singers in the group
The Chyna Dolls

Fiona is a S.I.S repaint.
She has been repainted using
artistic acrylics and sealers.
She is also sporting a flocked

Fiona is wearing an original design
by Chynadoll Creations.
Sterling silver earring hoops grace her ears.

This is DaQuan. He is a repainted Tariq Head
on a GI Joe body.
He is a band member for the Chyna Dolls.


The Chyna Dolls
Chynadoll Creations

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The family living room

Here is my first attempt at a diorama LOL. It is still a work in progress and some of the things will be changed around and things will be added.  
So come on in.... Welcome to the family living room. 
Here are the twins Alex and Alyssa sitting by
the fire place in their PJ's with their dog

Darren and Cassie sitting on a lovely couch
made by Fashion Dolls at Van's doll Treasures
Thanks Vanessa for the creation of your lovely couch

Darren is holding little Darren jr.

Lil Rusty playing with his stuffed animals.
Darren's sister Damita is visiting with her daughter
Danelle. She is wearing a lovely OOAK crochet
baby outfit made by my friend Ms. Anna

The chair, end tables and coffee tables, I found at the
craft store in the wood section. They were repainted
and finished.
The cabinet in the back with the plant and magazines
is part of a Gloria furniture set repainted.

Damita has yet to be repainted and visit the
Chynadoll Salon :)

Plants were placed in a wooden cylinder that was
then painted.

Lil Danelle has been flocked (just for the heck of it lol)
and her face was repainted.

Fireplace, and Tv stand were hand painted
 along with the other
furnishings in this set (except the couch of course :)

Just chilling on the comfortable couch :)

Butterflies on the wall are wooden
shapes from the craft store which were
repainted to match the scene :)

Magazines were made by printing out photo's
then placing sheets of paper in between to form
a book. Hot glue was used to keep closed:)

The family living room
Chynadoll Creations