Chynadoll Creations

Chynadoll Creations

Friday, September 30, 2011

Breast Cancer Awareness.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I was commissioned to do this particular doll for a breast cancer survivor. When I was asked to do this doll, the person asking me had their own opinion of what they wanted this doll to look like. The doll was not for them but for a friend they knew who is battling breast cancer. It was suggested that the doll be in an all pink formal gown, with pink pumps and pink makeup etc. Sorta like a pink wedding gown. They wanted pink ribbons in the hair, clothing and scenery. I was like "WOW" ... 

I prayed and meditated on this doll for three weeks.  Having a mother -in -law that is a breast cancer survivor, having had her breast and gall bladder removed,  (The cancer came back  3 times- now finally in remission) the one thing I get from her is her survival instinct. She never focused on the fact that she had  cancer, only how to get rid of it! She is now 80 years young and just as focused and determined as ever. What I pick up from her in our many conversations is her will to Survive,  her Hope,  her Strength & her Faith.

Having talked in length with my mother in law, I then asked this person to tell me something about their friend. She described a younger version of my mother- in- law, only difference is that she is in her early twenties! I asked her about her friends personality, look and her character. 
It was at this point that a picture of the doll I had been praying about started to form in my mind. I did not want this survivor to see this doll and simply focus on it as "the cancer doll"  I want this doll to reflect her style, character and personality. I want her to look at this doll and realize that it also represented Strength, Hope, Faith and Survival!

This blog is dedicated to all cancer survivors, and to those who lost a loved one to cancer.

October is about the pink.... Pass it on !
Together we can find a cure...
 Be blessed..

Here is the before doll, for those of you
that like to see the before and after pics :)

After having her hair cut:)

Finishing touches on the outfit.

After doll :)

She is wearing an original handmade jean outfit,,
Sporting a flocked hair do in coco brown,
she is wearing handmade sterling silver
jewelry, she has on matching shoes.
She has been repainted
using artistic acrylics and sealers.

"Think Pink"
Cecile Williamson
Chynadoll Creations

Magazine cover

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Flocking the Red !

Well, here we go again LOL. I am so into this flocking.  It is amusing to me to snatch the hair off a doll and give it a shorter flocked look in a different color.
Ok so here is my Red flocking doll called" Red Sexy & Flirty"

Ok, so here is that infamous pile of dolls from my niece again.
She was chosen from the pile.

Here she is before here trip to the salon.

Here she is after her trip to the salon. I removed
her head and switched bodies because part of the
other body was chewed on (by what or who I do
not know LOL).

Here is Red.

She is wearing a handmade Jean outfit
(from a pair of my hubby's old jeans he
no longer wanted) The jeans were washed
and ironed then hand sewn. I painted a
face onto the jeans with glitter and red/black
accents. The design originally was to be a bird
of some sort, however at the time, I was watching
some scary mess on Netflix while painting and
there was a face that popped in the window of this
chick! Scared the mess outta me LOL. This is
the reason I usually just listen to music while
working on my creations.

hand painted design on jeans. 

Red Sexy & Flirty
Chynadoll Creations

My time with a new friend.

It was an honor and a pleasure finally meeting a fellow blogger and new friend Frannie from Thrift Store Dolls. First we went to the Flea Market. We both brought a few dolls. There were not many folks out due to the weather. It was cloudy with an overcast so I guess folks thought it was gonna rain.
This was my purchase from the Flea Market.
I can't wait to begin their transformation.
Stay tuned :)

Our next stop was a quick one thru Toys R US. We walked around looking at all of the outrageous prices on some of the dolls. There were a few there that we liked, however we both walked out of there without spending a dime! That in itself deserves a pat on the back LOL.

"Lil Rusty" messing with big Rusty LOL
Our next trip was to the Thrift store. Ohh my what a huge thrift store! We went in and went straight to the doll section. The way it is displayed is really neat. Everything is on hooks in bags. We walked up and down the isles looking thru the bags. 
One of my thrift store finds. The little outfit
my son "Lil Rusty" is wearing. The doll was
made by a good friend of mine on FB. It's
called a Raggy Dee :)

Towards the back of the store (in the receiving area) they were getting stuff ready to bring out for sale. We both spied a tree house and a huge doll house. We kinda hung around waiting to see if they brought it out but they never did :(

Although we did not find any dolls (and trust me we looked, we even saw a woman with a cart that came from the back  of the store with dolls and went thru that lot) I managed to find a few things that I could use. Over all, I had a wonderful time and look forward to our next outing.

Thanks so much Frannie. Huge hugs to you for sharing with me your doll hunting adventure. 

This was my gift from Frannie. A lovely huge
assortment of dolls for OOAK projects.
Thanks a bunch Frannie :)

Check out Frannies site 

Friday, September 23, 2011

Canon Christine

This Blog is dedicated to my beautiful niece Canon Christine. 
she is so amazing and focused in all that she does. I did this doll/ repaint for her as a late graduation present to her (sorry aunty is so late baby girl lol) I am so proud of you and all that you have accomplished thus far. The sky is the limit. Keep pursuing your dreams, listen to God and stay sweet.

Introducing  Canon Christine

Canon is a S.I.S repaint

She has been repainted using artistic acrylics and sealers
Her hair has been washed/conditioned and braided.

Her clothing is hand sewn and painted

"Canon Christine"
Cecile Williamson
Chynadoll Creations
Zeta Phi Beta Woman :)

The Kittens

My Beautiful niece Canon Christine


This doll was done for a wonderful friend I found on Facebook. 
She is named after her.
I also did one for her daughter Raylissa. 
That picture is shown under the title "The Little ones"
"Before" doll and material.

Applying the details to the materials to make
it stand out.

Fairy wings are by Ann Marriott
You can find her on Ebay at Ann Marriott designs.
Shoes by Mattel

Repainted using artistic acrylics and sealers.

Cecile Williamson
Chynadoll Creations

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The little ones

Introducing Raylissa

Raylissa is a Kelly doll Repaint.

She has been repainted using artistic acrylics
and sealers. Her clothing is courtesy of Mattel.

Cecile Williamson
Chynadoll Creations

Friday, September 16, 2011

Pajama kids & and Sesame Street ;o)

Kyra & Carlos
Kelly & Tommy doll repaints.

Kyra loves Elmo

Carlos loves Oscar

Kyra & Carlos
Created by Cecile Williamson
Chynadoll Creations

Sesame Street characters created by Jim Henson :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Flocking! What fun! "Coco"

Ok, so I have this new flocking kick! I love the look of the dolls with short hair and all the different colors. So, I have decided to do a series of dolls that have been flocked. There will be four total in this first series.  So here she is from start to finish,

The  Warrior "Coco"

Organized clutter of my painting area. My craft area looks
much better  LOL

Ok, so this is the pile of dolls from my niece,
(which are diminishing slowly)
Coco was chosen from this pile.
Look in the back at the pink fairy.
Her head was used in the repaint of
the bride Stefanie .

Another sacrificial Lamb for flocking :)
She has already had her hair cut off really low.

After painfully removing her hair with tweezers
(No pain to the doll, only my fingers :)

Her original face paint was
removed as well as all hair.
Her hair was flocked.
She is wearing wrap around sterling
silver jewelry made by me.

Her face was painted given a soft
blushing reddish brown
 tint to her face.
Her eyeshadow and lips were painted
a soft mocha brown then sealed with
a shiny lip gloss.

Coco is wearing an original design
by me. It includes sterling silver jewelry
in her leg wrappings.

Coco's face has been repainted
using artistic acrylics and sealers.

Created by Cecile Williamson
Chynadoll Creations