Chynadoll Creations

Chynadoll Creations

Sunday, August 28, 2011

S.I.S Repainted Fairy

Introducing "Jada"

Jada is a S.I.S repainted Trichelle doll.
I happen to love repainting this particular
dolls face.
You will see her often in my repaints as well
as the other S.I.S dolls. 

Jada's hair was washed and styled in a twisted up do.
It is fastened with purple bands and left as a hanging
ponytail in the back.

She has a  hand painted tattoo down the length
of one leg and arm.

She is wearing a hand sewn dress with beaded trim and a pink sash.
Jada is wearing a arm cuff , twirl earrings, and a calf cuff
all  handmade of sterling silver.

Artistic acrylics and sealers used for the facial repaint.

Jada's fairy wings come courtesy of Ann Marriott
of Ann Marriott Designs. They are OOAK by the artist.

By Cecile Williamson
Chynadoll Creations

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Calm before the storm.

Introducing Irene.
I have decided to name her after the
hurricane heading towards NJ between
now and Sunday.  She is headed towards
the spa at the moment! Her hair looks like she 's
already been thru a hurricane!
Ok seriously! This hair is a hot tangled mess!
Gonna have to put some work into this head!
Ooo La La!
 Her hair only took me an hour to do!  
It was totally worth breaking a few teeth
in the comb though :) 
Nothing a good washing and conditioning
could not tame.  She is wearing twisted knots
with flowers and sterling silver wire.
Irene has a full face repaint,
stylish hairstyle, hand made
sterling silver jewelry and
hand sewn clothing.

After a trip to the supermarket  to
stock up for the hurricane, she is 
all set to hunker down and ride 
that puppy out! (ok, that last part
applies to me LOL)

"Irene" by Cecile Williamson
for Chynadoll Creations

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Oh My! Earthquake and repaints ???

Ok, so I am sitting at my desk working on my latest repaint.  Bam! My house begins to shake. I have a few dolls on stands around my work area who are falling down around me. My hubby runs in the room and asks me what I am doing to cause the house to shake. I look at him like he has four heads. What could I possibly be doing by painting dolls to make the house shake???  LOL
Turns out we had a 5.9 earthquake here in the NY/NJ area.  Go figure..

Anyway... in the mist of all of that, I had to post the pics of a few friends that arrived at my house today from my sister who happened to start cleaning out some of my niece's slightly played with Barbie dolls. 
I am all excited with them all. 
Going to swap a few heads and bodies around but oh my!!!such fun.... 
18 Barbies and four Ken. The one in the back has strange
little wings attached and funny hair. Probably will redress
her and give her to one of the little girls in my church.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Wee Three Friends Repaint. Before and After Pics..

Wee Three Friends before repaint. "Epiphany"

This was the start of her outfit. A total mess LOL.
I knew I wanted the wings but the bottom was horrible. 

This is the start of "Epiphany" I painted her face a darker shade
using burnt sienna and burnt umber.  I also added blush to her cheeks.
I gave her a whimsical eyebrow because I knew she was going to be one 
of the first of my Fairy dolls. 
I wanted her look to portray playful yet
magical.  I simply pulled her hair up in a ponytail and tied a knot
into it. I actually just did this to keep the hair out of the way
while I did my repaint. Once she was repainted, I left it there
because I had started forming her outfit and it just worked.

This is the finished face. She actually looked better in person.
This picture really does not do her justice. I added teeth just to try
something different with her open mouth. I used a tooth pick and a
straight pin to make the grooves in the paint for the teeth. She is wearing
my signature mole on her face.

This is the finished doll. Her outfit is handmade with hand sewn beads.
 She is sporting wings for a woman I found on Ebay. Anne Marriott of Anne's  Designs.
From time to time, you will see some of her wings on my dolls. When I find a  good
accessory, I tend to stick with that artist. Her wings do my redesigned/repainted dolls justice.
The material, I found in Walmart. It had fairy's on the print and just worked for this remake.

This is the same Wee three friend doll (Head only) painted in the second way. This doll has
an articulated body. She came that way in the lot of dolls I purchased. I think someone switched
bodies or something because all of the other dolls I have seen for Wee Three Friends do
not have this body. I happen to like this body, especially when making clothing for it.
Here, I also added a tint to her face. I found that the dolls I purchased
in this lot, had a yellowish tint to the vinyl.

Perhaps it was them being older
or just the way they were stored. That yellowish tint made the dolls look funny,
almost like they were sick LOL. Here she also has the whimsical eyebrow, only
because I happened to like the one I did on the first doll.

I twisted her hair up
in little knots. Working with doll hair is a whole other lesson LOL. It is not
like human hair (unless that doll has human hair that has been rerooted) It melts,
burns and acts funky until you learn how to master doing it :)

I purchased this material from Walmart as well.
The earrings are wooden beads and are threaded into
her ears as opposed to using the sterling silver wire.

I named her "Sarahi" 

This is the third repaint of the Wee Three friends.
I named her "Danielle"

Danielle ,Wee Three Friend repaint.
First I washed her hair in warm soapy water and let it
air dry. I repainted her face and gave her a soft tint using
a pale rose color. This repaint was for a customer who wanted
the doll to have blue eyes. 
 I gave her my signature mole under her eye.
If I use my mole on a doll, it us usually under the eye or on the chin.  I
purchased material for her outfit on Ebay. 
I have another Wee three friend doll who
has reddish orange hair who is sporting a dress from the materials 
 i purchased from this wonderful woman as well. (picture to follow)

After picture of 
" Danielle" Clothing was handmade, and hair was given
a soft curl perm.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bratz... A repaint...

This is my first and second attempt at a Bratz repaint. They are sporting the original clothing (because I thought they were just too cute :) The first one has original handmade sterling silver jewelry. Both Bratz dolls were painted using artistic acrylics and sealers. 
This is my first Bratz repaint. She won the
office lottery LOL.

This is my second Bratz repaint. She is the BFF
to the first repaint.

She is now sitting on my desk in my office at work.

BFF's getting ready to go spend their winnings.