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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tokidoki who? No its Tacara

A while back, I was inspired from a fellow blogger, you know who you are LOL (and if not, you will half way thru this blog ). First and foremost, I am thankful for the creative energy that I have flowing thru my body.  I am always inspired by folks who create things with their hands and imagination. Having watched my brother become a huge success in the art community for many years, I became inspired to try my hand at repainting Barbie. I am a constant student. I am always ready to learn new things and challenge my mind. I started repainted Barbies almost three years ago. I am self taught  and strive to teach others what I have learned along the way. I  am constantly searching the internet for techniques and applications pertaining to repainting, flocking and everything else Barbie. 
 I  came across  a lovely post about rerooting a Barbie's hair. Let me tell you! I was blown away at the sheer beauty of this particular reroot. It was on a Ken Doll. He had long beautiful hair. That was the spark of my inspiration to reroot. 

Cat from A doll Affinity does such lovely reroots. She has inspired me to try my hand at rerooting.

A while later, she posted her OOAK inspired Tokidoki Barbie. Again, I was blown away by her creativity and talent. So having said that, I am dedicating this blog to Cat for her talent, creativity and her inspiration.

Ok, so let's take a look at my very first (probably my last lol) reroot and Tokidoki inspired OOAK

Here is the doll before her reroot and after her
repainted face. Silly me, I am so used to
repainting right at the start, I really should
have waited to repaint her face after the reroot!

This is also the last of the dolls that my niece
so generously gave me. Hmmm, I might have
to go hit up a few of my other nieces for some
of their dolls :O)

Introducing Tacara

Ok, here goes..

Tacara has been repainted using
artistic acrylics and sealers. She has painfully been
rerooted using saran hair colors plum and chocolate. I
had to repaint parts of her face over because pulling
and tugging on the hair as I was rerooting caused it
to mess up. 

I had a serious time with this particular doll right at the start!
Removing her head, her neck snapped and the little piece inside
broke off.  Her head cracked at the base of her neck.
Crazy glue works wonders!!

During the reroot process, parts of her scalp started to cave in
and come off in pieces !! Once again crazy glue to the rescue!

It took me three days, four needles(because I kept breaking them)
 and bloody fingers (from poking my fingers with those darn needles
to get her completed.
She is wearing a one of a kind outfit and has a hand painted tattoo.
Shoes, bag, belt and dog are from Mattel.
Her earrings are handmade from sterling silver.

For my first reroot, I have to say that I am quite pleased
even if it took some blood sweat and tears to finish her.
Thanks Cat once again for the inspiration :)

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  1. Oh my goodness!!! She is so beautiful!! :D Thank you so much for your sweet words! I am HONORED to have helped your inspiration along. Doll artist power! :) Purple is my favorite color, so you know I'm diggin' the amazing hair choice, and as usual, your re-paint is right on point! I am also in awe of her outfit! Tokidoki who is right! :)

  2. She is beautiful. Love the color of her hair and her new look! I know you will be doing more re-roots in the future. You are just so talented! Watch out Tokidoki, Tacara is here!

  3. You did a fabulous job. I love her eyes and the re-root looks perfect. I've rerooted baby dolls using felting needles. I know how painful it is to get poked and how frustrating it is to break the needles, so I understand if this is your first and last re-root. I have a strong suspicion that you will do others.


  4. Congrats on finishing your first reroot. She is gorgeous. I love that dress. Wow, you did have a time. I've never heard of the head caving in. So glad you persevered!

  5. Great job Chynadoll! You finished her fast. I love everything about her and the purple hair....gorgeous! Interestingly, my first reroot had purple hair that I cut off. I needed her face to recreate a Beyonce doll that I was inspired to do. Needless to say, she is still in a baggie hair in curlers with fabric and inspiration pic (lol!). Oh btw, did you use a long doll needle? They work well for rerooting.

    Happy Sunday!


  6. Thanks Cat:)

    Thanks Frannie, not sure if I will be rerooting future dolls lol we will see.

    Thank you Rossetti :)

    Thanks Vanessa, yeah the head caved in and I had to glue as I was rerooting. I am assuming its do to the tool I was using to reroot.

    Thanks Georgia, I used a long needle attachted to a reroot tool. I purchased it off of the internet. It works well with the exception of the needles breaking from time to time if your not careful :)

  7. Hello from Spain: The doll is super nice and very original. Tacara has gorgeous hair. We remain in contact blog blog

  8. WoW! Artistic quality-I am amazed at the beauty!

  9. Thanks Discodiva1979 for your lovely comment. Welcome to Chynadoll Creations.Happy Holidays to you and your family:)


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