Chynadoll Creations

Chynadoll Creations

Monday, October 7, 2013

Repainted Howleen Commission

Hey guys, sorry I've missing for a bit but work and life events have interfered with my dolly time. 
I have managed to squeeze a few MH commissions in though ;-) I will start posting pics as time allows. 

Here she is! 
Who does she resemble?
I have been told she resembles
someone .
Trust me it was not intentional lol.

She has been flocked, and sports a
spiked mohawk.

Her jeans and body jewelry are handmade.

Before and after pic of Howleen (dance class doll)

Girls riding ;-)

Chynadoll Creations


  1. Hello from Spain: welcome back. I like a lot of these pictures with the bike. The clothes and jewelry are beautiful. They are very trendy. Keep in touch

  2. Excelente trabajo, bonitas fotos, bonito diorama.

  3. Love the eyes you repainted. Striking face.

    I'm not sure who she resembles though: sometimes I *know* characters' faces, but I forget the names ;-P

    1. Thanks :-) does twerking give a hint lol
      I don't personally think she resembles Miley but folks have asked me if that who she was modeled after! SMH lol

  4. I like the dolls and their clothes, they seems fantastic! ;)

  5. Her face looks great but I am quite impressed with that hair!


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