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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Big Lots, Thrift Store, Flea Market and Coworker Finds :)

On Thursday, Frannie and I were at it again :) We hit the Thrift Store and Big Lots. What fun we had! It is always nice to spend time with someone who shares your love of dolls. Hubby joined us for lunch afterwards. Thanks again Frannie , looking forward to our next outing :)

Here are a few of the things  that I purchased :)

This is my World Peace Keeper. As you can see,
he is out of the box and posed courtesy of my
husband! I can see now, I am gonna have to
keep a close eye on this doll!
Big Lots purchase

Another Big Lot purchase was the Basic Accessory
packs. I bought three of them. $8 bucks I could not resist

Ok, so when I went to work on Thursday, On
my desk were two dolls. This is the first one.
No note or anything. I think I have a secret Santa
or something LOL.
I am on the mission to find out who left them there!!

The second doll on my desk was this one!
Hummm.. The plot thickens!

So.. this brings me to today. Hampton and I went to English Town
flea market. I went there on another mission and was trying to hurry
out of the cold.. While walking thru "dirt" (where they keep the vendors
who are selling really dirty items) My eyes zeroed in on these dolls.

The guy must have thought I was a newbie to flea markets because
he was trying to sell me the lot for some crazy amount of $30 bucks. Not bad
however this is a flea market right?
I got him down to two bucks a doll.

 It just so happened that on his other
table, up out of the dirt he had some knock off Coach bags (can you say trademark
violation?) that he was selling
for a considerable amount. Mmm...... need I say more?
I work for who? I'm just saying! I was only making an
observation :D

Hampton and Lil Rusty :D
Lil Rusty is wearing an outfit from the Thrift Store
Cost $5.00
Look on Hampton's face when I told him to pose
for Christmas pics with lil Rusty

Lil Rusty resting on his favorite chair by the fireplace.

The tree in my living room by the fireplace :D
Yes there is a glass there so Lil Rusty wont be burned LOL

This Lighted thingamajig was in Big Lots for five bucks!
I brought two of them. They look really nice on the fireplace :)


  1. I guess it's a good thing I don't live closer to you two. I would be out shopping all the time and John would kill me..LOL

    Great new finds. Awesome bargaining skills too..$30 HA ;O)

  2. Yes we did have fun and looking forward to another dolly day! Lil Rusty looks adorable in his new Christmas outfit! We will have to be on the lookout for more outfits for him. Love the picture of Rusty and Hampton. Great doll find at Englishtown. Glad you got him down to $2.00 apiece.

  3. Dollz, we would not let you be killed LOL. Doll friends would have your back (at least for hiding/ stashing your doll purchases until you could bring them home LOL.

    Thanks Frannie, I am def on the lookout for more outfits for him especially at those prices. Even Hampton said he looked cute. At the flea market, I was in Frannie mode lol. I was checking everything out carefully!

  4. Great finds! I especially like the World Peace Keeper doll and his awesome accessories! :)

  5. Great finds and really great prices. Lil Rusty looks so cute. Your Christmas decor is fabulous!! Your Secret Santa obviously KNOWS you..,,so sweet. Lol!

  6. Wonderful shopping, and such mistery presents!!!I love them, they're great. Here in Spain, Basics accesories (they only sell the 1.0 pacs) are about 36$ each, I'm still on shock after seen what you paid for three!

  7. Basics Accesory Packs just for 3 bucks!!!!! I'm also on shock LOL. Love the Barbie Basics with short hair, fantastic presents, lovely secret Santa!!

  8. Boy oh boy! You did good! I just love that your husband is such a willing participant. Maybe you should consider giving him the WPK action figure.
    $30? What planet was that guy from?

  9. It looks like you two had a alot of fun and your right to get the fashion packs. I have been checking and have had no luck. I love Frannie blog too and I can't wait for the next time you ladies go out.

  10. Great finds ladies! You guys alway find dolls in clothing. Simone is only missing the purple shoes. That is rare. Wow, I haven't been to Englishtown in years. Come to think of it, I haven't been to Cowtown in years too. I guess I need a trip.

    Oh, you are going to have to keep an eye on the Peace Keeper. Two of mine have been snagged for the past two years now and are on the shelf in the workout room. Their poses change from time to time.

  11. Hello from Spain: very good purchases but you have much so but so cheap luck to find packs of the BASIC. Here it is of most expensive of the Barbies. Thanks to show those so Christmas photos to us. We follow in contact of blog blog.


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