Chynadoll Creations

Chynadoll Creations

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The grand opening of the Chynadoll Salon

With the New Year fast approaching, several of the ladies wanted to have their hair done, thus the opening of the New Chynadoll Salon/Spa

The owners are Shayla and Kerri .

For the introduction of the Salon, Shayla is on hand (Kerri is still away for the holidays) She will be back in town to begin working on the hair for the remaining members of the Chynadolls :)

This is the Gloria Beauty Salon before Chynadoll Creations
took it over LOL

Some pics of the Chynadoll Salon/Spa

Mani/Pedi station

Still has some work to be done.
 Needs additional seating 
and mirror/shelves in this wall area.

Shayla and her brother 

Introducing Shayla. She is half owner of
the Chynadoll Salon/Spa
Shayla is a S.I.S repaint

She has been repainted using artistic acrylics and sealers
Her outfit is a one of a kind created by 
Chynadoll Creations. 
Shoes by Mattel.

Ah the first customer!!
Welcome Adrienne to 
the grand opening of The Chynadoll Salon/Spa

Before photo of Adrienne.

Now for a wash and a deep conditioning!
is a S.I.S doll by Mattel

Shayla's husband Tristan stopped by to bring
his wife some lunch.

Waiting for Adrienne to finish under the dryer :)

A little trim here...

A little trim there....

Adrienne is all set! Wow, check out her new look!

I think she is really digging her new look! 

This is my real niece Adrienne who is the
inspiration for this doll:)

Adrienne has also been repainted using artistic acrylics
and sealers.
She is wearing a Jacket  that was given as a gift.
 Her boots are handmade
 for Chynadoll Creations.

Chynadoll Creations

Stay tuned for lots more from the Chynadoll Salon in the New Year!


  1. Girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl!!! You hooked that Gloria Salon, UP! I absolutely love everything you have going on. Wow! Your repaint skills are just beautiful! And you clothing design are so awesome, wow.

    I love all of the natural hair photos throughout. The first photo, the lady in red, is my hairspiration.

    I sure hope you venture into photo stories. :) Oh, and Tristan is lookin' good.

  2. Thank you Tracy. I just love redoing all that pink plastic Lol. Seems like I'm working my way up to photo stories ha ha! There will be quite a few from the salon with several of the ladies before and after pics so stay tuned :) I also love the natural hair photos, thats why I chose those along with black hair care products (on the bottles). Our Black is so BEAUTIFUL! As far as Tristan, I just had to bring back the Latin love lol! Who knows, maybe he will open a barber shop right next to his wife's ?

  3. Amazing job!!! The salon doesn't look the same, it's so stylish now! For sure Adrienne is the first of a long list of customers. Happy New Year!

  4. I love the look of the earthy colors of the Chynadoll salon -- so warm and inviting. Adrienne's new look is very becoming. Happy New Year!


  5. Your salon is BEEUTEFUL! Everything is right on point. You definitely needed a salon with all those wonderful hairdos you have going on over there. I love the colors you chose. Both the ladies are beautiful as well.

  6. I'm going to study your salon carefully. I do my own hair and haven't set foot in a hair salon in about 20 years so I wouldn't have any idea how to customize the awful pink play sets I have without 1:6 scale examples like yours. The repaint really reflects how beautiful your niece is.

  7. Hello from Spain: congratulations by all that work. I cannot stop contemplating the changes that you did to it. You had left super good. Adrienne is very very pretty. We follow in contact of blog blog and Happy Year!

  8. That salon is amazing! It looks so real. :)

  9. I could hear the music and smell the shampoo! All you needed was a guy who came in selling bootleg movies. Ha ha! I love what you did to that Gloria salon and the Liv salon! The clothing is fanstastic. You're eye for detail in amazing. I was going to leave some things unpainted but I now see that I shouldn't.

  10. WOW!! You did a awesome job on this salon. I had to go back and look at the before and after a few times. You are truly amazing with all of your creativity. It looks so real. Your niece is lovely and so is Adrienne.

    P.S. I Love Love my Chynadoll creation and will post as soon as I get my desktop up and running.

  11. You put your foot in it, it's so good! Wow, I am impressed. The treatment you gave the chairs is very realistic.


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