Chynadoll Creations

Chynadoll Creations

Sunday, March 18, 2012

A few that left quickly

The following are a few of my repaints that left my house so quickly, I was only able to snap a few pics. Usually I like to take my time and do a diorama or photo session. There was little or no time for that LOL
Take a look......

Before pic

Before pic

These were created for my sister in law. She wanted
these made for a gift basket for an American Cancer Society function
that she was overseeing. 

I cant even remember if I posted them previously or named them LOL

This doll for a woman who has purchased my dolls
before. I had just completed her and half an hour later
she was at my door to collect LOL
I quickly had to snap a few pics before she left :)

Again, I am not sure if I posted or named her before :)

This doll was done for Frannie of Thrift store dolls.
She is actually still here (waiting to be picked up) However
she lost her outfit LOL. It belonged to another doll that has since
left the building. She still has on her fab earrings though!
The guy is still here  LOL

She is a member of the Chynadolls. She left to be on her own
and went home with Frannie. The remaining members of the Chynadolls
have not yet recovered after her leaving them. They are still waiting
for the arrival of their newest member :(

This was a bride that flew out of my house so fast that I barely had
time to blink LOL. I did manage to get more photos of her and I believe she did
appear in a previous blog :) In case you missed her before, here she is.

Her entire outfit is hand sewn, as well as her headpiece.

All Jewelry and flowers are handmade :)
I have her name written down somewhere LOL

This is Susan. She was done for a friend and fellow blogger also
named Susan at Barbie Fantasies :)

This doll was done for my Tax consultant. 
She flew out of the door before I could say tax refund! She did not even get a name
so I have named her Tax Refund LOL

I'm sure I posted this before.  This is Cannon with her date MR GI Joe.
He is a repainted GI Joe who was flocked and given facial hair.
Gone but not forgotten :)

Caution!! Doll Nudity...
Dont even remember naming her (white and black outfit) lol. She left right after she was done and this is one of the few pics I have of her! The other naked doll was done and given as a gift to Frannie :) This is the only pic I have left of her so..... Frannie, post some pics of her LOL


  1. Wow! I am in awe. You do such good work...OMG! I love each one of them. I am especially partial to bride dolls and she is BEAUTIFUL. I love her dress, her head piece everything. I need to go take another look : ).

    Happy Sunday!

  2. They all look smashing! I like Susan the best!

  3. They are all great. You are going to inspire me just yet! I love them all.

  4. Hello from Spain: I never get tired of seeing all your creations. They are really awesome. You make a very good job. The bride is beautiful. It looks very elegant. The couple basket for an American Cancer Society will function really are gorgeous. Keep in touch

  5. They are all either so lovely or handsome and nicely dressed that it is understandabl why they leave the building quickly to their new homes. Your work is wonderful and speaks for itself when customers return for more or beg and plead for you to duplicate it.

    Keep creating and sharing.


  6. You have such an amazing body of work. I'm glad that you decided to be a blogger and share these delights with us.

  7. OMG!!! I wouldn't be able to choose one... they are all so so so cute!!! Love your creations, you must be proud of yourself!

  8. They all came out great and flew out even faster. Will be down one of these days to pick up my doll and will post pictures of the other doll asap. Been under the weather, but finally found something that helps.

  9. Well I'm glad we didn't miss out! They are all wonderful. I added a few more favorites to my list. Your wedding post is one that I have visited several times. I always enjoy seeing your brides and grooms.

  10. Thanks Guys for all of our wonderful compliments! I'm so behind on catching up on comments. Please forgive me:) I appreciate all of your comments.


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