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Friday, May 4, 2012

Girls night out featuring Sha, Bianca and Naomi! A Cinco de Mayo photo story!

This is probably my first and last photo story LOL 

Featuring Bianca and Naomi (two S.I.S repaints)
(If you recall, Naomi was sitting on my birthday cake back in march :)
Sha  the waitress is also a repaint by me :)
what had happened was............ (lol I crack myself up)

Ok ok on with the story.......

Bianca and Naomi are out to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Bianca agreed to go out with Naomi to cheer her up . Naomi just broke up with her boyfriend of a year and a half. She found out he was cheating on her with another of her friends.

Arriving at the club, the two decide to take a seat at the bar. Its really crowded here! This must be the spot to be

Naomi: (yells as she enters the club) Whoo hoo let the partying begin!!
Bianca just rolls her eyes at Naomi. This night just might be a hot mess!

Meet Bianca. Never married and not in a committed relationship.
Just dating here and there.
Free and single and ready to mingle is her motto!
Bianca and her girlfriend Naomi are chilling at the bar
when up walks a fine specimen of a man:)

Instantly there is a mutual attraction between him and Bianca.
He walks right up to Bianca......

Bianca: Hello.

Man: Hello yourself. Can I buy you a drink?

Sure, I will have a Midori sour.

~Naomi starts getting an attitude because Bianca left her by herself~

Naomi: err hello Bianca? Are we hanging out together or what? Dang... we just got here and already some stalker is walking up to you!

~Bianca continues to ignore Naomi~

Bianca: Pay my friend no mind, she is just hating because your speaking to me and not her, she has issues when its not all eyes on her all the time.

Man: lol no problem. I saw only you when you walked in.

 I said to myself, WOW she is beautiful! I decided to make my way over here... that is after I saw it was just the two of you and no other men with you. 
I wanted to make sure I got here first before all the other fellas could form a line over here  to you! 
So.. are you here alone?
Better yet are you married?

Naomi: Dang! we just got here! Why are you all up on us? Is that the first question you ask soon as folks  walk thru the door? Just ask for her drivers license and birth certificate while your at it!

Man: Excuse me... but I was speaking to your friend. She looks old enough to speak for herself!

Bianca quickly takes a seat in between the two of them before Naomi can get all in his face and things get heated.

Bianca: Naomi, chill please! We just got here. 

Man: Is she always so rude?

Bianca: No.. Sorry... she really is a  sweetheart!  Just a little over protective of her girlfriend.

Man: Well let me make amends and buy her a drink.
Bianca  starts sipping on her Midori sour to change the subject.
She really does not want the conversation concentrating on Naomi and her drama.

Bianca: So .....? Im sorry, you never told me your name.

Man: It's Darren.. and you are?

Oh I'm Bianca and that is my friend Naomi.

Naomi:  Wow, you actually remember I am here!
I'm ready to leave Bianca!

Naomi, dont be so rude! We just got here!  Say hello to Darren. He just bought your
next drink.

Whatever, hello... (mumbles* thanks)

Darren: Hello Naomi. Its nice to meet you.

Naomi: (mumbles *wish I could say the same)

On the other side of the bar,
Chaz the bartender is chatting with the waitress Sha.

Sha: Chaz, I wish this night would hurry up and be over! My feet are killing me!

Chaz: No one told you to wear Killer pumps to serve drinks. 

Sha: I know right! What was I thinking lol. But they sure are cute aint they :)

Chaz: Yeah as cute as those corns are gonna be tomorrow LOL

Sha: shut up Chaz!

Darren and Bianca continue to chat while Naomi looks on annoyed.

Bianca: It was really nice meeting you Darren, however I should really pay some attention
to Naomi. I can tell she is catching an attitude. We did come together, and I did promise her a fun girls night out!

Darren: The question is do you have to leave together or can we make arrangements for her to get home safely?

Bianca , is trying to play cool, calm and collected .... sipping  on her drink. When Darren spoke in a seductive tone however  she almost  spit that tasty drink out all over him!  Goodness this man is too fine and  too smooth she thought. 

She peeks over at Naomi to see if she heard what Darren just said.
Whew! Thank goodness she did not, otherwise Darren might have just been wearing that whole glass of Midori sour!

Darren:  Well Miss Bianca, I  will let you get back to Naomi for now. Can I look for you a bit later to finish our conversation?

  please do!

Darren: Until then beautiful lady!  Will you save a dance for me? 

Bianca: sure will :)

( He takes her hand and places a kiss on it and walks away)

Bianca goes back to where Naomi is waiting for her.

Bianca: Girl! did you see that man! He is all that and a bag of chips! Whew! I need another drink!!!!

Naomi: Whatever Bianca! He was ok I guess if you go for the brooding stalker type!
And just what is that mess about making arrangements for me to get home safely?
Remember heifer, you came in MY car!!!

Bianca: Girl please! I know I came in your car and I will be leaving to go back home in your car! Your just mad that he was not into you first and by the way Naomi, that was so rude! Why are you trying to block my action?

Well Bianca, we did come here to hang out together! You said before
we left that it was just gonna be us girls on our night out!

Bianca: Well Naomi, we are girls and we are out! Stop being so rude! Why are you snapping your fingers at that waitress like your crazy? That waitress looked like she was ready to cut you!

Naomi: I wish she would try! You got my back right?

 By the way, did you ask stalker if he had a friend for me?

Bianca:  Yeah I got your back.... way back across on the other side of the room! I just got my nails done LOL I am not trying to break one because your being evil and rude! 
Stop calling him stalker! He does have a name. Its DARREN and no, you did not give me time to ask him anything with your rude self!  Im going to the ladies room! Watch my drink.....

Sha: Chaz, I need 3 apple martini's and a cosmo
please, and that chick in the white tee shirt with pink letters needs another drink. You deal with her

cause she's over there snapping her fingers at me like she's crazy! I will show her crazy!

 Slow down Sha , I will handle girlfriend! The other drinks are coming right up!

Bianca returns from the ladies room to see Darren chatting with
who else? Naomi!

mmm... Wonder what they are talking about! I was not gone that long...

Bianca decides to hang back a sec at the other end of the bar while
Darren and Naomi are talking.

Chaz: Can I get you something Miss?

No! Im fine...

Chaz: Yes... you sure are!

excuse me?

Chaz: nothing...(thinks to himself, these sure are some stuck up chicks!)

~meanwhile... Bianca continues to watch Naomi and Darren~

Darren approaches Naomi to ask her where her friend went.

Darren: Hello.. I'm sorry,  your name again?

Naomi: Its Naomi.

Darren: Did your friend leave already?

Naomi: Why? She is not interested in you!

Darren: Wow! Its like that?
Why are you so mean? Who hurt you? It sure was not me!

Naomi: Whatever!

Darren:Yeah ok Miss Naomi! When your friend returns, can you please tell her I was looking for her to continue our chat?


Darren just walks away shaking his head and thinking to himself, man! some dude really broke her heart! She is way to pretty to always be so rude and nasty! I do hope she gets over him for her sake. Life is way too short to hold such a grudge.

Bianca walks back over to Naomi when Darren walks away.

Naomi: Girl, you know your stalker came back over here looking for you!

My stalker?
What did you guys talk about? Stop calling him a stalker! You don't even know him!

Naomi:  Well neither do you! 
I told him to get lost and that you were not interested! He left!

Bianca: Girl you are so wrong for that! I am trying to get to know him!  If I did not know any better,  I  would think
you were checking him out for yourself! Are you Naomi?

Naomi: Girl please!
 You know me better than that! He is not even my taste!
I'm your girl! I don't play that!
Now lets have some fun...
Cinco de Mayo whoo hoo!!! Drinks on me...

mmm yeah ok girl! Your right.. But if  Darren comes
back, your on your own! We girls and all but I'm free and single and ready to what....???


Naomi: Whatever! Thats nasty !

Im just saying!  LOL

Just then, Darren walks back up to the bar.
Chaz pours him another drink.

Darren: Bartender, another round for my friends over there as well.

Chaz: no problem man, you running a tab?

Darren: sure man, I will settle up with you later.

Chaz: sure thing!

Bianca: Girl, he's back! 
You  do know that this means your on your own for right now lol !

Whatever Bianca! Dang.. we just got here and already someone fine is talking to you! Why cant that be me?

Bianca: Girl, stop turning people off! Guys can tell an attitude from an mile away. Try being your sweet self and
see what happens. The night is still young. Go dance and mingle! Your wearing that outfit girlfriend...... Werk it girl!!!

I saw a few heads turn your way. You would have noticed if you stopped hating on men long enough! Your also free and single......get your mind right...get ready to mingle girl!

Naomi: Well, your right  Bianca.. Sorry I was such a hater towards you earlier. I guess I have been in a funky mood since breaking up whats his name....  
Have fun with Mr Stalker.... sorry, my bad.... Darren! Guess I will go chat up the
bartender! He is kinda cute. You know I do like the chocolate sexy type with a bald head!

Bianca: Well steer clear of  that waitress !  Behave yourself! Just touch bases with me in an hour or so. We came together and we leave together right!

Naomi: You know it! Girl just to be safe you better get his social security number, last name , check the drivers license to make sure its real! He could be some psycho! Remember Ted Bundy right! I'm just saying! You just met him Bianca. He is buying those drinks steadily! Slow your role girl and use caution!

Bianca: I got this Naomi, but I hear you. I am not drinking anything else. We are just talking and dancing. Ted Bundy!  Seriously Naomi.. stop hating. Not all guys are psycho! 

Naomi: ok ok but I'm just saying you be careful.. Have fun.. I will be mingling about , still keeping my eye on Mr S........  lol. 

Naomi leaves Bianca and walks back over to the other side of the bar.

~Darren and Bianca resume their conversation.~

Bianca: So Darren... where were we?
 By the way, what is your last name?
Are you married?
Do you have a criminal background???

Darren: Its Majors . Woah! Slow down girl...The night is still young for all of that!

Next thing your gonna ask for is my ss# and drivers license!

Bianca: well now that you brought that up!

Darren: Ok, just what has Naomi been filling your head up with? LOL
You do realize that your girl Naomi is hating right? Next thing she will be telling you
is that I look like Charles Manson huh?

LOL,  More like Ted Bundy? LOL Ok...lets not talk about her for the rest of the night!
She will be ok! I really do want to know all about you though, but we will go slow, How about that?

Darren: Not a problem! so...what would you like to know beautiful?

~and so their conversation continues until the club closes~

Meanwhile back on the other side of the bar......
Naomi: Bartender, can I get a refill?

Chaz: Sure thing. How are you tonight?

Naomi: I was fine until he showed up! (nudges head toward where Darren is) I'm good though. Just thought tonight was going to go different is all.....

Chaz: Hey, I saw how your girl just left you hanging soon as Mr fine and  sexy walked up!
I would have left you for him too girlfriend! 

That man is too FINE!

~Naomi thinks to herself.... great! There he goes! Acting all  goo goo over Mr Stalker as well!  There goes my bald and chocolate fantasy! Who would have thought! Just my luck! 

Naomi: I really don't see what the fuss is about him! He just looks ok !

Chaz: I disagree girlfriend!!
 Anyway, don't feel bad girlfriend. Your friend will be back hanging with ya as soon as she finds out about him!
And trust me! These walls have tongues and they will wag soon enough!

Naomi: Find out what???

Chaz:   Girl! are you that blind? If you stopped being rude and nasty long enough, you would have seen it for your self!

Naomi: Whatever!!!  Just what the heck are you talking about?

Chaz: Miss thang.... It's right in front of your eyes!

......... Mr Fine and Sexy is on the down low!

Naomi: OMG!!!! No he is not! How do you know that?

Chaz: I used to date him, along with several other guys and gals  in here!

Naomi: Shut your mouth but keep on talking! For REAL????

Chaz: Nah , just kidding girl. 

Pick your face up off the floor and have another drink on me! That was for my girl Sha! Stop being rude and nasty and drink up!

Happy Cinco de Mayo.....

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  1. "Why are you snapping your fingers at that waitress like your crazy? That waitress looked like she was ready to cut you!"

    I could not stop laughing when I read that line!! LOL When I worked as a sales girl in retail I had a customer who was snapping orders at me and I wanted to snap her head off. HAHAHA! God forgive me! But, yeah, this story was wonderful! I really hope it isn't your last!!

    1. Thanks Cat! That story was work lol! It only popped outta my head because while looking at the photos I snapped, those two started talking in my head! They would not shut up lol! But fun as well

    2. Oh some dolls just have a mouth on em! lol But these two were super entertaining! I haven't put out a video/photo story in so long because I just haven't had the time or the patience for it. But I will definitely post day. haha! It is fun when the characters come to life, even if it is exhausting to meet their demands! (^_^)

  2. Great story!!!! Poor Naomi, she should relax a little...

  3. Nope, nope, nope. This cannot be your last photostory. This was so funny and entertaining! I hope you keep it up.

    1. Thanks Muff:) I just might post part two lol. Hugs

  4. "Yeah I got your back.... way back across on the other side of the room!" lol. I had a good laugh off of that one. Sounds like something I've said before when ppl (and my doggie) wanted to act a fool around me. Naomi was trippin' hard. lol. Good story.

    1. Thanks ZDollCloset:) Naomi was seriously hard trippin' Glad you enjoyed the story:)

  5. OMG!! I absolutely love this story!!! Great story, great characters, great dialogues, great photos, ALL!! It's a pity that this is your first and last photo story :( I'm agree with Muff, you should keep it up

    1. Thanks Sergio:) this was a lot of work but so much fun! Who knows there might be a few more stories waiting to come out of my head lol

  6. Such pretty dolls!! I glad they are having a good time, the story was really great as well as funny.

  7. Lol! I actually laughed out loud when I read it this morning!! Omg! This story was hilarious! Poor Naomi, just can't get it together. There are girls just like this too. They are use to always getting the attention, but when it's the someone else they don't know how to act. Great story friend! Please keep them coming. There has to be a sequel to this one. Lol! Happy Sunday! (hugs)


    1. Thanks so much Vickey:) glad you liked! There might be a sequel lol. Hugs and have a super blessed week!

  8. Wonderful story! Hope it's not the last. They were hilarious. I laughed out loud throughout. That's why I don't have girlfriends. They are too needy and too much work. Why they always wondering if you got their back? Hell no! Whatever mess you get into you, find your way out. As Prince used to say, "I'm a lover, not a fighter."

    1. Thanks so much Vanessa! Girl, I dont know how you do it! I truly admire what you do on a daily basis. I would loose my mind keeping up with all your families! I tip my hat to ya:)

  9. OMG!!! I'm still laughing! This better not be your last story girl!!! You have a knack for it and your girls are chomping at the bits to do it again. I know what you mean though, it is so hard to get it all out of your head the way you want it, but you did it!!!! Congratulations :D

    1. Ha ha ha! Thanks my friend Susan! Hugs... It might not be the last:)

  10. That was so cute, kept me smiling all day. Thanks for keeping me entertained! :)

    1. Hey Sherry..... Thank you! Love love love your blog!

  11. Hello from Spain: a very good story with dialogue and very real. I know many girls like her. The clothes I like your Barbies. The scenes of the bar has a very nicefurniture. Why did not you do more photo stories? You do a great job. Keep in touch.

    1. Hello Marta, thanks so much! Keep in touch:)

  12. Great story! I love this bar and your girls.

  13. More stories, please ;-D

    Bianca and Naomi are fun; I love their lingo and how they go back and forth.

    Darren - IMHO - Mr. D-O-G. One of the first questions from him "Better yet are you married?" Hello? Dude is fine, but triflin' ....

    Thanks for some NEEDED chuckles.

    And again, more stories, please ;-D


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