Chynadoll Creations

Chynadoll Creations

Sunday, October 9, 2011

doll friends are the best pt3

Ok, here is the doll looking thru
magazines for her new hair do.
Btw, she is at the
Chynadoll Salon :)
This is how she arrived to me via
Fran as a gift on our thrift store outing.

Here she is choosing her material for her new outfit.

Ok here she is after she has been flocked.

Oh what price for beauty!

ooh la la,

Introducing Frances

Frances was gifted to me from my new friend Frannie
Check out her blog at thrift store dolls

She has been flocked golden yellow and given
a full face repaint using artistic acrylics
and sealers. She is wearing a one of a kind
original outfit and handmade jewelry.
She is ready for a out on night on the town!

Chynadoll Creations


  1. She is soooo beautiful. Love the hair flocking and the outfit! Thanks for posting the link to my blog! You have an amazing talent!!

  2. Thank you Frannie and you are more than welcome :)

  3. Frances will definitely be getting lucky tonight. She is stunning. You can do amazing things with a piece of fabric. I think I will turn on my sewing machine now that I am inspired.

  4. She is gorgeous!!!! Love the hair and the fashion.


  5. @ Vanessa , thank you and yes she is def going to be lucky tonight lol. Get that sewing machine out lol. Her outfit is actually made out of two types of ribbon twisted strategically and then hand sewn.

    Thanks Debbie, she was fun to do. I just love flocking dolls hair!

  6. OMG, Frances puts the "D" in Divalicious. I love her! Nice repaint and flocking. You are sooo talented!!

  7. Thanks Georgia Girl, I am humbled by your compliments :)


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