Chynadoll Creations

Chynadoll Creations

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Introducing Sha

This is the before doll :)

Introducing Sha

I was inspired to do this doll
by a friend of mine on Flickr
named Dawn. We both caught
the flocking madness together.

This is the side view of her cut.

Sha features a chic cut on one
side and is flocked on the other
side of her head and in the back.

Sha is wearing a one of a kind
outfit (skirt is made
 from material found on my thrift store
adventure with Frannie)
Shoes by Mattel.

Sha & Darren.
Darren has been flocked
midnight black and has a
partial face repaint (eyebrows)

Sha has a full face repaint using artistic
acrylics and sealers.
She is sporting custom made
sterling silver earrings.

Chynadoll Creations


  1. They are a lovely couple. Nice hairstyles on both.


  2. Nice couple. I love her hair. The hair style reminds me of Willow (Jada & Will's daughter).

  3. Cute Couple, I think Mattel should take makeup tips from you!

  4. What a transformation. Keep it coming. You are so close to having me at least try a little styling on one of my doll's heads. LOL! Love the flocking on Darren. I need to reflock my Ian (Model #17). His flocking rubbed off a while ago.

  5. Thank you Debbie.

    Georgia, yes that is a similar style that Willow Smith wears. The whole time I was working on her, the lyrics to her song "I whip my hair back and forth" were playing in my head :)

    Thanks Frannie for your compliment. From your mouth to God's ear :)

    Thank you Vanessa. I look forward to seeing your dolls hair styles :)

  6. Very well done...did you streak her hair? Thought I saw some streaks shimmering in the back. You're exceptionally gifted at this!

  7. Thanks Sherry, yes I did give her a tiny streak along with the cut and flocking :)


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