Chynadoll Creations

Chynadoll Creations

Monday, October 29, 2012

Hey all, Instead of sitting in my house today waiting on hurricane Sandy, I decided to be creative and create. Besides, it totally takes my mind off my house shaking and pieces flying off!

A huge piece of my house flew off and hit my car.

Hubby brought it in the house and put in the garage to keep
it from flying around out there!

Introducing Sandie

Chynadoll Creations


  1. Hi Dear,
    create creation!
    stay safe!

  2. Love her!
    I hope you are good, I'll pray for you and for the others dollie friends in the same situation with the hurricane.

  3. She looks really natural. Did you make her dress?
    I know you will be fine you have all of us dolly friends sending you thoughts of well being.

  4. Hey,Friend!
    Sendie gonna be in the history of 2012!!
    Love the name's choice.
    Love the last photo:the girl in front of the bar.And then,looking with all attention,discovered you have the martine glass,that I love.
    Where did you find/bought them??
    I made a recent posting showing the meeting among some dolls and the little dogs...
    When you have a time,make me a visit on
    Thank You,And Soon Sandy Will Left You In Peace Again!

  5. Sandie looks lovely (and I'm not sure you would use that word to describe her namesake). We're praying for your safety and hope you survive without too much damage.

  6. Sandie is lovely. Nice repaint. I am praying for you all's safety. Hugs))))))) my friend.

  7. So sorry about the damage. I hope the storm has subsided by now and that the damage you have reported thus far is all you sustained.

    Sandie is gorgeous!


  8. Wow, sorry about your house and car... But Sandie is a true beauty, just awesome!!! Wonderful job as always!!!

  9. Hello from Spain: I wish the hurricane passes fast and does not cause problems in your city. Sandie is a gorgeous creation .. The photos in the bar are awesome. We keep in touch.

  10. I'm so glad you and your husband are ok. Sorry to hear about the damage. What I loved most is that you went to paint!! That's awesome!

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  12. I hope everything gets back to normal quick... Love your Sandie :)


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