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Chynadoll Creations

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Adventure to the 2013 IT Convention part 2

The first night started with a few room sales. With my dolly buddy & friends Anika and Carol, we grabbed our huge shopping bags and were off!

This is one of the boards that show what rooms are selling what.
You need to have paper and pen handy to jot down rooms your interested in checking out !

Below are a few rooms selling all of their beautiful things. It was so hard not to snatch up everything they had on display!
Goodies on display

The above prices were for the fashions only!
They were made by the lovely Debra Heard of Mashau De'

Another seller had these lovely handbags for sale.

There were just too many rooms to capture all of the pics.
My memory card was filling up quickly!

Here are just a few of the lovely ladies I purchased at really awesome prices.
Much, much, much (did I say Much?) cheaper than Ebay!!!

Ok, that's it for now. I have lots more pics to get thru.. plus
my boxes from Convention just arrived and I have to go thru,
sort things that I sold, keeping and gifts for my special friends ;-)
 I am also gonna dress the color infusion dolls I did not sell off.

So once again, stay tuned.
Convention dinners and dolls to follow :-)


  1. I was getting all excited at those prices and then you said it was for the clothes only. I was all, "You can get a FR doll for $65!" Then you went and burst my bubble, LOL.

    Sounds like you had an excellent time.

    1. I was totally excited when I walked into that room and saw the prices. My heart almost stopped until I realized it was for the clothing only lol. It was still lots of fun. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Hello from Spain: I envy you. Great shopping. I read that you buy very cheap. Your new dolls are lovely. Keep in touch

  3. Thanks for sharing these, I'm really loving seeing people's convention pics... I love seeing some of the "in the room" sales rooms!!

    1. Thanks Heather. yes the room sales were outrageous lol. I wish there was a convention just for room sales lol

  4. It's always nice to experience these conventions through the eyes of those fortunate to go. Thanks for sharing. I'm anxious to see the rest.

    1. Thanks Vanessa. Slowly sorting thru the many pixs.
      They will be coming soon ;-)


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