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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My adventure to the 2013 FR Convention part 1

Hey guys, I just got back from the 2013 FR Convention in LA. 

Gosh was it amazing!!!! I had so much fun. I met some fab folks and connected with old friends. I also made a few new ones.

Hubby and I went down a few days earlier to hang out with my brother Denys and his family. 

Ok on to a few pics
This was one of my lovely travel dolls.She is a fab
repainted Resse(DG) by the talented Jon Copeland.

Hampton photo bombed the pic 0^0

This was the beautiful view from my brothers house. It was breathtaking!

This is Hubby after a wonderful meal that my niece Adrienne  made us. She is a trained Chef.
I was so proud of her when she graduated culinary school a few years ago. Her training has paid off!

Hubby and my beautiful niece getting pedicures, I had one
prior to traveling so I was able to capture their blissful moment.

My beautiful niece laughing. Pedicures always tickle her feet. It was amusing watching
her squirm getting one.

OK, so after staying with my brother for a few days, it was off to the hotel for convention. 

The Century Plaza

View from my room on the 18th floor. We had the penthouse , however when it was time to
check in the previous guest decided to extend their stay so they put us one floor down.
No worries because the view was still spectacular!

View from the balcony

The temp was about 85 degrees when we checked in.

Stay tuned for more pics ;-)


  1. Hello from Spain: beautiful family and photos. The views from the house of your niece are impressive. The Hotel is very fabulous. We keep in touch.

  2. Wow, I'm so jealous!! Sounds like you have been to other IT they keep getting better? What was your favorite part?

    1. Hey Debbie, this was my second IT convention. They do keep getting better and since this was the tenth anniversary we got lots of swag ! My
      Favorite part was meeting up with my doll friends and spending time with them. A personal highlight for me was meeting a wonderful woman named Sharon Wright. Sharon is a wonderful doll photographer. We got to hang out a bit while she took amazing pics of a few of my Monster High gals. I will be sharing those pics soon :-)

    2. Can't wait to see those pics! Do you have any more info on the doll photography industry? I love taking doll pics.

    3. new pixs posted. Im sorry but I only have the information that I have found on the internet. Try and google what you are looking for. That may help.

  3. Great pictures. I am waiting to see more.

    1. Thanks :-) I'm working on the next blog as well as waiting for the girls to arrive from IT. I had them shipped home from convention. Stay tuned :-)

  4. Cool photos and looks like you all had fun. Yay!

    I'm really looking forward to seeing the doll photos ... really, really wanna see those ;-)

    Thanks for sharing your family photos, too. Nice to see doll people at ease.

    1. Hey D7ana, Thanks ;-) Im working on sorting and blogging all of the pics I took at convention. Gonna post soon I promise lol

  5. Looks like you and fam had lots of fun at the doll show/convention. I certainly want to start going to more and connecting with other collectors.

    1. Hi Doll party, welcome to Chynadoll Creations. Yes I had a fantastic time at this years integrity Toys convention . Doll people are some of the best people .


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