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Chynadoll Creations

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Color Infusion Gang 2013

Three of the fashion packs I purchased.

 Below are pics of the Color Infusion dolls that I purchased and kept lol. I have since sold off a few of them.  Folks recently asked me if I had extra to sell. Sorry I do not. Had I known a few folks wanted... I would have gotten them  since I had hubby with me who could have gotten them for me on the first visit in the style lab.

Again, these pictured below are ONLY the ones I purchased and not the entire line that they offered. 

 On the first time in the style lab, you were allowed one doll and one outfit. The dolls were $65 each I believe. I have since seen folks selling on Ebay for up to $200, depending on the doll! 

After everyone got what they wanted, they reopened the store and let everyone purchase what was left. 
This was the display outside of the sales room.

nude dolls on the table. 

This is Janay.


Ace McFly

I can't remember her name. It think it was Natasha or Dasha??
If anyone knows post in the comments ;-)

Janay's outfit came with another shirt who I put on
another chick lol

Adele is wearing another outfit I purchased.
I also got High Brow Adele from one of the room sales for like $45 bucks nude ;-0)

Declan and Adele seem to have hit it off nicely!

The dolls shown below have been sold

This is a pic of another outfit that I did not keep.
I changed the lip color on my doll because this pink peachy color was a bit too harsh for me.

And another ;-)

All dressed and ready to go to their new home.
These went to my good friend Carol who purchased the same dolls as me.
She asked me to dress her dolls for her.

Chynadoll Creations


  1. Oh, I did not want to see more dolls to add to my Wish List ...

    Yes, I did want to see more dolls. Nude dolls on table ... oh, oh, oh! Wish I had been there with a magic, refillable credit card.

    But I don't have space - heck, I'd have made the space. Oh, oh, oh. Such lovely dollies.

    Thanks for sharing. I'm going to enjoy them "second hand" ;-)

    1. Lol I felt the same way walking thur the store at convention! Plus not to mention all of the wonderful room sales. I need a doll intervention after this convention LOL. But so much fun!!!

  2. Your dolls are beautiful/handsome. I am partial to Janay; love the new head sculpt and hope IT will produce a dressed doll soon.

    I would have changed the lip color on the one with the pale lips, too. That pale color is just not working for her. :-)

    Congrats on your goodies and welcome back.


    1. Thanks Debbie, I too hope that they will release a dressed doll soon so that all who want can get her. She is much prettier in person. The clothing for them is so well made and the new boots are to die for lol.
      Her lip color along with The new Adele is def not working for either of them. Its way to pale in my opinion! Thank goodness for painting skills.
      Thanks for the welcome back.

  3. Nyasha's new lips look great. Carol got you to do all the work LOL. I'm still dressing dolls. I have to put up Part II

    1. Thanks buddy. Yes she did lol but it was fun. Bring Nyasha over for her lip redo lol. Thanks for her name. I could not remember what that chick was called lol.
      Excited to see part two of your adventures.

  4. Hello from Spain: awesome dolls. I wish I was at that convention. Great purchases ... Keep in touch

    1. Thanks Marta. Im missing LA so much right now especially with all this cold weather we are having ! I dislike the cold lol
      Hugs and keep in touch...

  5. I love these dolls, they are very realistic, awesome!!

    1. Thanks Ana for you comment. I totally agree ;-)

  6. Thanks so much for sharing them. They are all lovely.


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