Chynadoll Creations

Chynadoll Creations

Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Sunday afternoon Tea Party

Meet Shantel & Teddy.
 Chantel is a Kelly doll repaint.
She is wearing a one of a kind crochet outfit made by a
dear friend of mine. She has sterling silver earrings and
a yellow and white beaded bracelet with sterling silver.
Shantel has a full face repaint using artistic
 acrylics and sealers.

Shantel loves sharing her tea time with
Teddy and Dolly.

Shantel & Teddy relaxing after tea.

Shantel and Teddy posing for the camera

Shantel and Dolly


  1. That is just tooooo cute! I am a tea set fanatic. She is so adorable in her yellow.

  2. Between you and Vanessa, you both
    are giving me a complex. Such talented individuals.LOL Love your repaint of Shantel and she looks adorable in that outfit!

  3. Shantel is adorable. I have this lil one. Your repaint of her is making me think a repaint will make me like her better. Time to pull out the cute crochet items :O)Love the table and chair set.

  4. Frannie - But I can't touch you with a 10 ft pole when it comes to thrifting. LOL.


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