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Chynadoll Creations

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Introducing the Wedding OOAK's

As a doll artist of OOAk's, I get asked all the time to recreate different themes, colors and events.  Often, I spend lots of time looking for just the right colors etc and at other times, they just fall into my hands.  Here are some of my wedding creations where everything worked out just right :) 
Hope you enjoy.

This first set was done for my brother Tyson and his bride Yolanda.  Had I known he was wearing a white Tuxedo, I would have had him match lol :)

Tyson and Yolanda

This is the Michelle bride before the makeover.
 I purchased her in Walmart for $5 bucks

RJ & Michelle


This couple was designed after a wedding I attended
with a friend. I simply loved the black and white theme.

Before makeover and after a trip to the spa :)

Sewing the gown

The wedding family

Flower girl and ring bearer have
hand made pillow and basket.

Kelly and Tommy doll repaint and makeover.

This is a model Muse makeover

Her gown is hand sewn and hand beaded.

Tylesa & Curtis

Curtis having his factory paint removed

After being repainted several shades darker.
This Ken doll is a bath\beach Ken doll and was
Purchased in Walmart for $5 bucks :)
This wedding doll was done as a custom order.
She was simply created out of my mind.
She actually started out quite different and ended up
a wedding doll :)


  1. The dolls and the gowns are just so beautiful!

  2. All are simply GORGEOUS!! Your creations are very nice.

  3. Love them all. That black and white themed wedding with the cute flower girl and ring bearer are my favorite. I was considering doing a black and white wedding for one of my couples. Your dresses are fabulous. The little short dress is so chic and unique. Very impressive.

  4. Vanessa, that set is also my favorite! It's actually my set I have displayed in my home lol. Waiting on the perfect wedding cake to set it off * hint , hint ha ha. I am watching your blogs closely to see when you post that cake and or food, so I can pounce on it!

  5. Chynadoll - Believe it or not, wedding cakes are on my list. But it will be a little while. You won't have to pounce. I am now making most of the food items 'made to order'. I'm trying to prepare myself for my new food website. Feel free to suggest certain foods. I will try anything once. Well almost anything.

  6. Lol. Ok i will compile my list of food. I'm trying to get a wedding scene together for my wedding doll series of photos. The cake and food will look nice.

  7. I loved them all! The children are especially sweet. The last two gowns blew me away! You did wonders with the fellas! Did you paint Steve's whole body darker or just the face? I found that process quite interesting. I would love to see more pictures of the process.

  8. Hi Ms Leo, thanks so much.
    Actually I only painted Steve's face , neck , and hands darker. This is do to the fact that this is all you see with his clothes on. I will be posting pictures of repaints on this blog often so stay tuned :)


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