Chynadoll Creations

Chynadoll Creations

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Boys will be boys. Girls will be girls. Lets all play together :)

Repaints by Cecile Williamson for Chynadoll Creations.
Little girls clothing handmade by my dear friend Millie, 
Little boy clothing courtesy of Mattel@
Please do not publish photos with out permission.
All rights reserved by Chynadoll Creations.


  1. Photos are so cute. Love the little girls outfits.

  2. They are all so adorable. I bet they are a handful. Loving the "hat to the side" action.

  3. Love the kids at play. They are so cute

  4. Your repaints are impeccable!! Any tips for a minimally experienced re-painter like myself?

    These two are ADORABLE!!!! Love your work!

  5. Thanks ladies, I am humbled by your kind words.

    Vanessa, the hat thing was a fluke lol. It kept going to the side when I was ready to take the pictures so I just left it. My husband thought it was hysterical in the final pictures.

    Only words I have for you is go ahead and give it a try. My first repaints were funny to say the least. I did not know about using too much acetone until I let it soak overnite and it was a shrunken mess in the morning. However, practice does make improvements lol. I won't say perfect, because none of us are perfect :)
    I will tell you that you will have loads of fun in the practicing. Just don't be overly critical of your work. Remember why you want to do this, plus your love of the dolls and the fun of it all. Anything too much like work is no longer fun ( in my own opinion).

    Blessings :)

  6. Aww, they are too precious! Cute pics!


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