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Chynadoll Creations

Sunday, September 4, 2011

You flock, I flock, we all flock together?

Ok so.. remember that bunch of dolls that I got from my niece? Well let me tell you! I was going thru them and came across this one who was just irking my nerves to be done! I set her on my work space and for a week I kept looking at her and trying to rack my brain around what the heck to do with her. Then Bam! The light bulb moment happens. Behold the flocking of the lamb LOL

Ok seriously though... I just had to get all my flocking jokes out LOL

The sacrificial Lamb :)

I think she is princess Jasmime??  Not sure. 

After hair and face removal. It all had to go!
The removal of the hair is a job in itself!

After the flocking. Champ. blonde was used.

Starting the repaint. That look so creepy LOL.
I have the habit of putting the dolls like this
right in my hubby's face and ask "how about a kiss"
LOL He just looks at me like I have lost my mind.

After her repaint, and trip to the designer. 

Introducing Dena. She proudly sits
on top of my nightstand

Chilling with a few of my other dolls on my
nightstand. Oh look, there is a pic of my hubby.
Reverend Hampton :) and a wee pic of me in the
background in a pic from my day job :)

She looks kinda at home on my nightstand so
I guess I will leave her there. 

Dena is wearing a beautiful smile, along with a
black satin halter top. The skirt was snatched off
a S.I.S doll. Dena wears hand made flower earrings
and a belly chain made of sterling silver wire.
She has had a full face repaint using artistic acrylics
and sealers and has been flocked :D

"Dena" Created by Cecile Williamson
For Chynadoll Creations


  1. Fab-u-lous! She looks great. I gave away the Tatiana I have along time ago. The head thing! But she looks really good! She looks like a dark My Scene, which they never did. She is worth purchasing again. You have the ability and foresight to create dolls that Mattel doesn’t do! That is a gift!
    I have wanted to flock a doll for a long time! I can’t find the material in stores. I guess I need to purchase it on line but you really can’t see it or feel it so you are taking a gamble with content and color.

  2. WOW you're talented!!! She looks fierce! If I hadn't seen the before shot, I would never be able to guess what doll she was.


  3. She is beautiful! You are so very talented. She looks totally different.

    @Ms. Leo, I have used hair cut up into tiny bits to flock. Someone on a doll board mentioned buying flocking at Hobby Lobby in the model car/ train section, but I have never seen it in my store. This is such a fun project.

  4. Ms. Leo Thanks for letting me know who the heck she was. Tatiana! I knew I knew that from somewhere lol. Yes the head thing and the big eyes was what was bothering me. With her head being so big, there was just no styling of her hair that would work for me. Thank you for you kind compliments.

    Tracy, thank you. As I was snatching her hair out, my husband said "why in the world are you doing that"? no one is going to want a bald doll! Then when he saw her finished he was like WOW what an improvement. He is my biggest critic lol.

    Georgia, Thank you once again. I was going to sell her but I happen to like her just that much to keep :) besides, she looks really cool in my room now.

    Ladies as far as the flocking materials I used, I purchased it online at
    They have a multitude of supplies there for repainting, glossing of the lips and retouching of the dolls if the factory paint is damaged. That site is just awesome and really reasonably priced (no, I dont get a kick back lol) I just happen to purchase from her often and know the products.

    Ms.Leo, as far as the colors for the flocking go, she gives a really good picture for you to see and has plenty of colors to choose from. Check her out and have fun with it all.

    The most challenging part for me was removing the hair plugs. Besides snatching it out bit by bit, does anyone have another solution to removing it? I would be glad to know :)

    For my next flocking project, I am working on a stubborn redhead. Stay tuned :)

  5. Now, I've never tried this but you can cut it and thin use a sweater shaver. It might work.

  6. I remove the doll's head and snatch it out from underneath:D I have a tiny crochet hook that works great for this. You have to cut the hair first, of course.

    The doll looks great! Can you see the hair plug holes underneath? Did you paint the scalp first?

    You can buy Martha Stewart flocking at Michaels (and maybe other places) in the scrapbooking section. Lots of colors.

  7. Thanks Ms. Leo,

    Pudgy, I will try that as well. As far as the hair plugs, you can't see them due to the elmers glue you use. You mix the glue with water and brush a thin film (not runny) over the head. Then apply the flocking. I did not have to paint the head first, however that's not to say that you can't. I'm going to have to take a peak at Michaels to see what they have. Thanks for your compliments :)

  8. She looks awesome!!!! (^_^)
    I am about to do my first re-flock. I too bought from restore a doll. Any great tips for a first timer?
    And, I pull plug from inside the neck with dull tweezers. lol

  9. Patience is the only advice as well as don't use too much glue lol. Thin it out with water but not too runny. Remember if it looks a mess, let it dry, pull it off and start over. Good luck and please post pics. I did another one and will be posting pics real soon :)


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