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Chynadoll Creations

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My time with a new friend.

It was an honor and a pleasure finally meeting a fellow blogger and new friend Frannie from Thrift Store Dolls. First we went to the Flea Market. We both brought a few dolls. There were not many folks out due to the weather. It was cloudy with an overcast so I guess folks thought it was gonna rain.
This was my purchase from the Flea Market.
I can't wait to begin their transformation.
Stay tuned :)

Our next stop was a quick one thru Toys R US. We walked around looking at all of the outrageous prices on some of the dolls. There were a few there that we liked, however we both walked out of there without spending a dime! That in itself deserves a pat on the back LOL.

"Lil Rusty" messing with big Rusty LOL
Our next trip was to the Thrift store. Ohh my what a huge thrift store! We went in and went straight to the doll section. The way it is displayed is really neat. Everything is on hooks in bags. We walked up and down the isles looking thru the bags. 
One of my thrift store finds. The little outfit
my son "Lil Rusty" is wearing. The doll was
made by a good friend of mine on FB. It's
called a Raggy Dee :)

Towards the back of the store (in the receiving area) they were getting stuff ready to bring out for sale. We both spied a tree house and a huge doll house. We kinda hung around waiting to see if they brought it out but they never did :(

Although we did not find any dolls (and trust me we looked, we even saw a woman with a cart that came from the back  of the store with dolls and went thru that lot) I managed to find a few things that I could use. Over all, I had a wonderful time and look forward to our next outing.

Thanks so much Frannie. Huge hugs to you for sharing with me your doll hunting adventure. 

This was my gift from Frannie. A lovely huge
assortment of dolls for OOAK projects.
Thanks a bunch Frannie :)

Check out Frannies site 


  1. That's awesome you were able to meet up with a fellow blogger. :) I've got to start checking out more Thrift stores, I don't know why I haven't ventured out to more of them. ROTFL at Lil' Rusty on Big Rusty...too funny.

    Can't wait to see the transformations!

  2. How wonderful that the two of you were able to meet and shop for dolls. It was very nice of Frannie to gift you with the group of dolls that I know you will put to good use in future makeover projects.

    The picture of Lil Rusty messing with Big Rustie is too cute!


  3. We did have fun didn't we. Lil Rusty looks so adorable in his new outfit! I went this morning for a quick run to Target and the Thrift Store. Picked up a Hannah Montana doll for her clothes. Also found a 2010 Holiday Barbie (she is missing her red wrap) They put out some doll houses but they were Fisher Price. But they did have a huge Wooden Barbie House with two drawers on the bottom. See picture here:

    It was in pretty good condition. No furniture. Price: 12.91 As I said yesterday, I have no room for it. LOL
    I would have loved the Tree House but it was nowhere to be found.:(
    Maybe one day we can go to the Auction they have in Somerset once a month on a Thursday Morning. I am always reading they have Barbies. I never have gone to one. Thanks again for the presents!

  4. I wanted to comment sooner but blogspot must have made some changes. I took me a while to figure out what I needed to do. Anyway, it does look like you gals had fun! You scored with just the stuff from Frannie!

  5. Awww, you got to meet my Frannie! Okay, so she's not my Frannie, but I am glad someone got to meet her. Just think, you guys have probably lived near each other for years, and it took someone from GA to get you guys together. When I come into town (no time soon), we can make it a threesome.

  6. @Chyna Doll, Just love the outfit. You told me yesterday what you did with old jeans. Love the jeans face design.
    The doll turned out great! One question I want to ask you, are you able to dye the blond hair on Barbies. By the way, the Thrift Store had a ton of those blond nude Barbies put out today.

    @Vanessa, Thanks for bringing Chyna Doll and me together. It's great to have someone along to go doll hunting. Also were your ears ringing yesterday. We did talk about you, but it was all good. If you were there with us, I could just imagine what videos you could have made if you saw that wooden tree house. Hopefully one day, you can come up and the three of us can go dolly hunting.

  7. Lil Rusty is too cute. Love the pic! Lol! Doll shopping with dolly friends is so much fun. Makes me miss my doll shopping friend who moved from Georgia a year ago. Glad you guys had fun.

  8. Thanks ladies for all your comments :) Frannie and I had a great time. I thank God for blessing me with the ability to meet new people, especially those who share my passion for dolls :)

    Frannie, more of those blonde barbies? LOL wow!
    I do not dye any of my dolls hair. I have heard of some doll artist doing so, however the process is messy. Most artist just flock or reroot the hair.


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