Chynadoll Creations

Chynadoll Creations

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rory & Stefanie

Only God can take two people with the joys they're dreaming of and make them one in marriage through the miracle of love....

This doll (the head ) was a doll  I got from
the collection from my niece. It had funny little
pink fairy wings. I removed the head and put
it on a beach Barbie doll.

The Couple was designed after two of my
fellow sister and brother in blue.
They are getting married on 9/23/11

The bride "Stefanie" is wearing an original wedding
dress designed by me. Her train and flowers
contain the colors Wisteria and Smokey grey.

Her flowers have been hand designed as well
as all of her jewelry. She has a full face 


Her long hair was washed and given a spiral curl perm.

Rory & Stefanie
Only God can take two people
with their preferences and goals,
then blend their gifts and talents
and unite their hearts and souls.
Congratulations & Best Wishes :)

Created by Cecile Williamson
Chynadoll Creations


  1. She is beautiful! Love the color combination.

  2. Thanks Frannie. That is the colors of their wedding. The bride gets all of that credit :)

  3. She looks great. I remember the fairy doll. She looks much better now :O)

  4. Thanks Dollz, yea that fairy doll was a mess. She had tattoos all over her face, strange multicolored hair mixed in to the black. It took some time snatching those strands out! But it was so worth the effort :) this doll actuall came out resembling the real bride lol

  5. I always love seeing your wedding dolls. Your designs and bouquets are simply wonderful!

  6. Thanks Vanessa. I'm still looking out for that wedding cake LOL.

  7. Thanks Dbg, she does look radiant :)


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