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Chynadoll Creations

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Flocking! What fun! "Coco"

Ok, so I have this new flocking kick! I love the look of the dolls with short hair and all the different colors. So, I have decided to do a series of dolls that have been flocked. There will be four total in this first series.  So here she is from start to finish,

The  Warrior "Coco"

Organized clutter of my painting area. My craft area looks
much better  LOL

Ok, so this is the pile of dolls from my niece,
(which are diminishing slowly)
Coco was chosen from this pile.
Look in the back at the pink fairy.
Her head was used in the repaint of
the bride Stefanie .

Another sacrificial Lamb for flocking :)
She has already had her hair cut off really low.

After painfully removing her hair with tweezers
(No pain to the doll, only my fingers :)

Her original face paint was
removed as well as all hair.
Her hair was flocked.
She is wearing wrap around sterling
silver jewelry made by me.

Her face was painted given a soft
blushing reddish brown
 tint to her face.
Her eyeshadow and lips were painted
a soft mocha brown then sealed with
a shiny lip gloss.

Coco is wearing an original design
by me. It includes sterling silver jewelry
in her leg wrappings.

Coco's face has been repainted
using artistic acrylics and sealers.

Created by Cecile Williamson
Chynadoll Creations


  1. I agree, Very Beautiful! What color did you use for her hair?

  2. Thanks Frannie, Ms. Leo.
    The color I used for her hair is called coco ;)
    I am working on a champagne blonde one now! Wait till you see. She is coming out fierce!

  3. Love her. That outfit is fabulous!

    It could be my old eyes, but it was very difficult reading the words througout your post.

  4. Thanks Vanessa,
    mmm what words? Are there words posted throughout this post? Maybe it is your eyes playing tricks on you LOL

  5. She is beyond stunning!!! Wow, she's a diva!


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