Chynadoll Creations

Chynadoll Creations

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mary's Makeover

This is Mary before her trip to the salon. She
can't decide which material she would like
to have her dress made from.  Decisions, and
more decisions.
I found this material in Michaels store. They
were two bucks each. Not a bad deal for a new
dress huh?

Mary after her trip to the salon and the dress maker.
She is wearing a front twisted up do with ponytail
to the side, adorned with flowers.
Her face has been repainted with artistic acrylics
and sealers. I removed the pink factory lipstick and
left them natural with a slight gloss.

The dress has hand applied glitter and design.

A shoulder wrap accompanies the dress.

Mary is wearing spiral earrings made from sterling silver.

Glamour shot

Mary's debut on the cover of a magazine :)

Full view of the dress.

Mary was created for my favorite Aunt Mary for her birthday :)
Excuse the Sephora bag lol. I ran out of my signature bags for my dolls:)


  1. She looks super happy with her new and beautiful Doll!! Great work as always!! :)

  2. She is beautiful. What a wonderful birthday present!

  3. Chynadoll, Mary is gorgeous!! I love the fabrics.

  4. Thanks Cat, she was very happy and is showing all her friends her doll :)

    Thank you Frannie :) It made my heart happy to see the smile on her face when she opened it :)

    Thanks Georgia, I wish they had a wider selection of those materials. They were actually scarves and those were the only two colors they had. I have gone back several times checking but no luck. It was great working with material. I actually did another doll in the same material for a Native American Indian friend of mine. The outfit was of a Fancy Shawl dancer. I will post pics soon so you can see.

  5. I just love your SIS doll makeovers! Actually I love all your makeovers, but those SIS ones just really grab me. Love the glamour shots.


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