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Chynadoll Creations

Monday, September 5, 2011

Pajama kids :)

There is just something that I love about pajamas! On a cold winter nite, I love warm fuzzy flannel pajamas  and hot coco by the fire place, and I love sexy short ones on a summer day.

On Christmas morning, my hubby and I wear matching red pajamas (or lounge wear as he would like to call them) and santa hats. The kids get a kick out of it lol :)

 It's also nice to see children and grandchildren opening presents on Christmas morning in pajamas.

So....... with my love of Pajamas, Kelly & Tommy dolls, I decided to do a few repaints. 

Here is the Photo shoot of the first my Pajama kids.

Removal of the factory painted face.

Forming the face :)

mmm, starting to think of a name for him.

Introducing Kirk. 
Kirk is a repainted Tommy Doll.
He has been repainted using
artistic acrylics and sealers.
He is wearing custom made Pj's
featuring Toy Story logo and pic.
Fun magazine cover featuring Kirk.
By Cecile Williamson
 Chynadoll Creations 2011



  1. "To infinity and beyond!" Toy Story was one of my favorite movies of all times. I love kids in pjs, too. Just wondering, have you ever done light brown brows on your blonde kids? I would love to see a picture if you have.

  2. Vanessa, wow... Toy Story was also one of my favorites. As far as the blonde kids, check out my blog from 8/15/11 ,The Little Tommy Boys.
    There you will see a few of my repainted little blonde boys.
    Justin Michael is one of the lightest brown brows that I have done. I personally happen to like the darker look with my blonde boys, which is why I paint them so :)

  3. Thanks. I like both. I do love seeing little blonde boys, in real life, with blue eyes and blonde eyebrows. They have such a soft, innocent look about them. Chances are they are as far from innocent as they can be.


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