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Chynadoll Creations

Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Chynadoll Creations Extreme Home Makeover

Ok, so I recently acquired a two story Barbie home (from a very good friend,  :) They know my love of Barbie, saw this thing and decided to bring it to my house a few weeks ago. I instantly fell in love with it and decided to start doing it over. I will show you the before and after pics as I do each room. The first room I wanted to redo is the bedroom. I made a new bed comforter and did a repaint.

Take a look.....

This is what I got. Everything in this picture:)

Bedroom before

Baby room before

Relaxing on her new comforter and lavish

A view after I put up the other painted wall.

This is the redone bathroom. It was repainted
bright white and tile was laid for the floor and
back splash. 

Towel shelf was built, shower curtain made and
hung and bam! Bathroom remake LOL

This is my favorite room. The white crib was
spray painted chocolate. The walls
were painted brilliant white and then
the whole room was done in a jungle
animal baby print.  This shot was taken
when the sun was coming into the room.

Night time view.  The baby's bedding has all
been hand sewn by me. It features a fitted sheet /
flat sheet and quilt. There is also a hand made mural on the
wall.  I plan to hang a few little baby outfits on the back
wall on tiny hangers once they are made.

That is what I have so far for the top floor :)
Stay tuned for the bottom floor in a future post


  1. Ahhhh!!!! My dolls wanna come over! :D LOVE IT ALL! Those black curtains in the background are awesome!! I love the purple you chose for the bedroom. My favorite color, and SO WELL DONE.

  2. It looks wonderful! What nice friends you have. I look forward to seeing the makeover of each additionl room.


  3. The rooms are just awesome! Got to see the house in person today! Chynadoll has done a fantastic job with this house!

  4. Yes!!! They are really awesome. This is what I've been trying to tell my family and friends about, because I want one too! But, I could never do as well as you have. Thank you for sharing; I can't wait to see the next episode!

  5. Love your extrema make-over, well done!

  6. You are like a makeover machine. This looks so great.

  7. Awesome!! I love it! The bedroom is simply gorgeous. I love the color you chose. The baby's room is oh so precious and I love what you did with the bathroom. Chynadoll you are the bomb! Truly amazing!

  8. Very nice. I particularly like the purple and black in the bedroom! Anxiously awaiting the bottom floor.

  9. Wonderful!!!!! Great work, I love all the redos, the bedroom, bathroom and baby room are now simply perfect!!! We wait for more!

  10. Great makeover! Looking forward to the rest :)

  11. Bravo!!! Great job. I love the bedroom color combination. How lucky to have a place with great bones given to you. Great friends.

  12. Wow! Kool! You did a great job! I purchased this set too! Mine didn't come with all the extras. It just the bare bones. I am thinking about selling it.

  13. Love your use of warm tones! I wanna live in that house, LOL. Very nice! Hope to see it in future stories when it's completed. :)

  14. The backsplash is killing me!! How did you do it?

  15. Thanks for all of your comments, stay tuned for the completed house in future posts :)


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