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Friday, January 13, 2012

Come On Mattel! What is the deal?????

I went to Toys R US to day to scoop up the Coupe after seeing it on Vanessa's blog at Fashion dolls at Van's Doll Treasures, I just had to have it. While I was there, I also picked up my first Monster High doll because of Hey its muff and her beautiful pics of Claudeen Wolf in those killer boots. While I was there, I peeked at a few dolls and one in particular caught my eye! I looked at it twice cause I could not believe what I was seeing. Take a look:

Take a look at this doll!

Now take another look! What is the problem?

Why in the world would Mattel make a doll with
one articulated arm?

It is just darn right crazy!!! 
I have seen it all! Get it together Mattel!!!

Chilling in the Coupe

Easy there girl, that car does not
belong to you LOL

A Happy family kitchen I repainted for Dollz4Moi

My Happy family that I got for Christmas that I repainted :)


  1. The repaint is very cool and I will not go in on the doll because Mattel is always doing something really dumb!

  2. I am actually shaking my head at Mattel for doing this. It looks like the other arm is made of rubber. I love your mini Cooper. You and Vanessa are really making my no doll shopping this month really hard (lol)! This is at the top of my list for February. I normally spoil me for my birthday and my list is getting longer and longer. Lol! I love both of your Happy Family kitchens....great job on the repaints.

  3. LOL - very good eye! - My husband, a crazy collector guy, would say, it's a variation.LOL
    Love the repaint love family - very nice work
    Have a nice day!!!

  4. Ha ha ha! That crooked arm doll is hysterical. Her arm is bent so much! I guess they don't want the puppy to fall out. Congrats on your Monster. Man, I knew a Monster would fit great in that car. I'm resisting getting it at full price, but every time I see someone post a photo of it I want it so bad.

  5. I noticed the I Can Be dolls at Target a few weeks ago. The arm looks weird. She could probably be a good stand-in for Vanna White -- turn the letters with her articulated arm and point to them with the bent one. Too funny.

    Congrats on the new red convertible. I think the cars are going to be a hit with many.

    Love your repaints.


  6. I love the repaint of the house. It give it a different look. That arm thing is driving me crazy!

  7. You know I love it. It is awesome. Thank you for finishing and decorating it for me :O) You are truly an artist slash decorator slash add more stuff here LOL

    I saw that doll and PASSED because of her arms and the out of scale dogs. They can do so much better but don't..smh

  8. The repaint you did on Dollz4Moi is fantastic! I am not going to comment on the doll with the two different arms since we know Mattel doesn't know what they are doing. I love the car, but can't get it since I bought the Monster High one! Congrats on you first Monster High doll! Have you renamed her yet? Hope to see you soon!

  9. Totally agree... Those in Mattel are definitely gone nuts. Can't understand those weird decisions... And lovely pics and repaints!

  10. OMG - yes, the arms are off - but what is she doing to those dog-creatures? It looks like she's about to put them into a washing machine. NOOOOoooooooo! Stop her.

    Bad enough someone drugged the dog-creatures and applied false eyelashes on them. Save the dog-creatures! Petition, someone!

    The repainted kitchen looks great. Lucky Dollz4Moi! Congrats to you both.

    Oh and congrats on your new car. Sharp.

  11. You know I had the same reaction when I saw that doll. Why would you only articulate one arm? But the other really unbelievable one is the new bride doll. She only has one articulated wrist to show off her ring. Congrats on all your purchases and you know I always love the repaints.

  12. Hello from Spain: the kitchen was wonderful you like another. Do not understand why Mattel pulls out a doll without articulated arm. Have you come all this way or is an error in your box? The red car also going to buy me when you get to Spain. I think in two months hits stores. It's beautiful. I love the photos you show us today with all the details. Keep in touch

  13. I know what you mean, sad enough it got approved for production, yikes! Congrats on the mini cooper, that is a cool car.

  14. It's official, the people running Mattel have issues! I think random "testing" should be implemented immediately. It's clear that the people designing and approving these dolls are from another planet where you start off old and (possibly) grow younger. That would be the only explanation for this because you'd think they would remember what it's like to be a KID and say..."Would I really want a one arm articulate doll?"

    Sigh...I'm done. LOL

  15. Your kitchen turned out great. This is the first foldout piece my daughter ever got when she was younger. I love the layout. She won't let me redo hers. I love the drama of the black.

  16. I had to look twice,couldn't believe my eyes...if only you worked for Mattel, how much better those dolls would look and be... like the paint job you did on the kitchen.


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