Chynadoll Creations

Chynadoll Creations

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Introducing Trent

Awhile ago, I went on a thrift store/ flea market hunt with Fran of Thrift Store Dolls. I came across a John Smith doll (from The Disney Collection)
He cost me all of $1.00 lol
I decided to change his hair and repaint him. 

 John Smith Before

Introducing Trent

Trent has been rerooted/ repainted.

Trent has been rerooted using saran hair in Brunette
#3. Hair was purchased from
He has been flocked on both sides and front of head.

"I whip my hair...

back and forth"
 I whip my hair back and forth.. LOL

Just letting it all hang out!

Trent is a one of the stylist in the Chynadoll Salon/Spa
Here he is walking his client to her chair.

"Just a wash and style please Trent"

Trent of Chynadoll Salon/Spa
Chynadoll Creations 2011


  1. He looks really good in person!

  2. He's gorgeous and once he gets a new out :O)

  3. Great ooak! I want to do the same with a Harley Davidson Ken, but I still didn't have the time x.x

  4. oh wow,he looks so much better now! really good job!
    mine is from thrift store as well, and needs reroot too, but I'm too lazy.

  5. He looks so much better and has become a perfect model for growing healthy hair! Great job!


  6. Wow, what a restoration! I really love the new look...He is definitely a handsome man...Great Job! Hugs!

  7. Hi from Spain. Your Trent is very attractive and has a spectacular hair. The clothes that you put him me love. Congratulations on your purchase that was very cheap.Keep in tough

  8. The best part is the magazine cover! It's great how you did that and his makeover.

  9. Such a great face sculpt. You made him look awesome!

  10. Trent is so great. What a transformation. I love a good bargain too. I am amazed at your fantastic work.

  11. Trent is hot! I love his new look.

  12. Thanks Frannie, he does look good in person lol

    Dollz, I am searching for the perfect body for him :)

    Thanks Lady LoLo, welcome to Chynadoll Creations :)

    Thanks Jewel Snake, come on... get it done and post pics LOL

    Thanks Debbie, Muff, Marta, Miss Lola,Georgia Girl for your kind comments :)

    Hey Loretta, glad to see your feeling better! Hugs back and thanks for stopping by.

    Real life minis, I am humbled by your comments :) Thanks so much. I am a huge fan of your work :)

  13. Now you have that song in my head! Trent looks 1000% better. I love that you made him a stylist. With a new body he is going to be "it". Really like the added flocking details.


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