Chynadoll Creations

Chynadoll Creations

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Chynadoll Sighting!

There is another Chynadoll on the scene! 
The second member of the Chynadolls is here! 
Introducing Trixi "Stixx"... She is the drummer for the band!

Trixi... nicked named Stixx. 

Trixi has been hand painted using artistic acrylics
and sealers. Her hair has been styled in a twisted updo
with long layers in the back.

Trixi is wearing an original handmade
 Her glasses and shoes have been repainted/glittered to
match her attire.

This is the first member of the

Fiona appeared as the first member
of the group in a
previous blog. She has been flocked and repainted
using artistic acrylics and sealers.
her earrings are handmade, as well as her outfit.

Stay tuned for additional members of the group in future blogs :)


  1. Trixi and Fiona looks are awesome. Love their outfits! You are super creative!!

  2. Loving Trixi and Fiona! Can't wait for you to introduce another member of the Chynadolls!

  3. Hello from spain, Trixi´s clothes and Fiona i love. The shiny shoes are gorgerous. Trixi´s hair is perfect. Very good job. Keep in touch

  4. Thanks Ladies :) More Chynadolls to surface soon :)

  5. They both look great. Do you make videos Chynadoll? Will we get to see the group in action?

  6. Lol no, sorry don't do videos lol just remakes of the dolls. They will have fantastic photo shoots though :)

  7. Everything looks good. That is fantastic fabric for Barbie clothes! I love the 2nd dress (2nd in this post).

  8. Thanks Cosmodollitan ELLE and welcome to Chynadoll Creations. I love that fabric! There are a few more of the Chynadolls wearing it so stay tuned for their debut:)

  9. Trixie is gorgeous! Thanks for reposting Fiona. I almost forgot how stunning she is. How many members are there?

  10. I love both of these girls. Trixie and Fiona rock!
    Did you make the dresses too? Very nice job. Will you be listing any of the band for sale?
    I think these girls need to meet Veronica and Muffy...LOL.

  11. Thanks reallifeminis, yes I made the dresses :) I will not be listing the band for sale :( sorry it is for my own collection. I could work something out for your own collection though :) just let me know.


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