Chynadoll Creations

Chynadoll Creations

Friday, January 27, 2012

Introducing Felicity

Head of Felicity before the repaint. She is a Barbie Fashionista.

Felicity getting one of her three tattoos:)

Felicity has been rerooted using
chocolate brown and platinum hair.
She was given a loose water perm.
She has been repainted using artistic
acrylics and sealers.

Felicity's outfit is hand sewn by me.
Magazine, Ipad, cellphone, puppy
and beverage also have been handmade
by me.
Shoes and Bag are by Mattel. 

Check out my froggy stuff on how
to make some cool stuff and
a puppy of your own :)

Felicity was created for a fellow
blogger friend of mine as a belated
gift.  Sorry it took longer than 
expected to finish (it was the hair, I had 
to order more!)
*She is being mailed out tomorrow
lol so let me know what ya think when 
she arrives* Looking forward to your
posts on her :)

for info on how to make the dog and other cool projects :)

Chynadoll Creations


  1. Felicity is beatiful! Love the perm. Got to check out how to make the puppy!

    1. Thanks Frannie, the link is working now :)

  2. Felicity is Stylish! Love the hair! Oh my and The dog is too cute!!! I know with a name like Felicity no matter who she is around there will always be happiness!

  3. Thanks so much Queen T for your comments and for all of your input :) you are a God send. Sending hugs your way :)

  4. You are welcome Chynadoll! Queen "T" Bow out Gracefully...<3

  5. The makeover is great and that puppy is too cute.

    1. Thank you :) She loves her new puppy "Racer" lol

  6. I do love Felicity and her lil dog is TDF :O).

  7. Felicity is gorgeous! I love love her hair!

  8. Now that's what I'm talking about. I'm taking this pic to my hairdresser and saying 'see what a difference great color could make'? That hair is the bomb! Loving the puppy! Hard to believe how easy they seem to make. And to be naturally articulated. You just can't beat it.

    1. Thanks for getting rid of the awful blue eye shadow. I think I threw my Artsy head away because I hated the make up so much. Also thanks for sharing the puppy. I think those puppies are one of the best projects My Froggy Stuff has done. Glad to see someone has actually made one. I need to try soon.

  9. She looks really great!! I love to see the tatoos on the dolls, they are so cool. Your work is amazing!! You know you are going to inspire me yet!

  10. Thanks Georgia girl and Debbie, yeah her hair really came out amazing for my first blended color hair :)

    Vanessa, if I could get away with that color at work in uniform, I would be all over it!! I have to live out my fantasy thru the girls LOL.

    Limbe dolls, next time just send me her head to get a remake lol I feel you on the blue eyeshadow. Its too ugly for words. Loving the puppy who i named Racer lol. Give it a try, its super easy :)

    Thanks Brini, I am working on inspiring you to just let that creativity inside of you flow out! I know its in there just waiting to come out!. When It does, i will be standing on the sideline applauding loudly at your accomplishments. Remember, it does not hurt to try :) and you really might like it.

  11. OMG, she is so gorgeous!!!!!! Wonderful job, your friend is very lucky!!!

  12. I love your doll, tatoos are great!


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