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Chynadoll Creations

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Spending time with doll friends

Just wanted to say a quick thank you to Thrift store dolls Fran and Dollz4Moi's Vinyl Musings Anika for such a wonderful time yesterday:) What a fantastic dolly adventure we had and I am  already looking forward to the next one LOL!

We spent the day eating pizza, craft store shopping, swapping doll stories and repainting bunches of pink plastic furniture. Fran learned to do her first flocking and repaint furniture. Anika got to bring some of her wonderful furniture (which also included a  Happy Family kitchen set),  to learn how to repaint. They even got to watch me repaint a Scary Spice Doll LOL. Thanks again Frannie for the gift of the lovely little girls and extra little gifts. Until next time ladies.......... Have a wonderful dolly day :)

Below are a few pics of some of what we shared. 

Fran and the before pic of her doll. See Fran's
blog for the finished doll :)

The creative mess LOL!

Anika of Dolls4Moi Vinyl Musings

Fran cutting doll hair for the first time :)

One of the little girls Fran gave me as a gift.
Getting a bath! 

Meet Alicia

Alicia is sitting pretty for the camera.

Alicia and her puppy :)

Meet Nyia

Nyia after her bath and hair do :)
Check out Frans blog as well as Anika's for additional pictures:) 


  1. It was a wonderful day! Alicia and Nyia are soooo cute. I knew they needed you to be their mommy! Can't wait for the next dolly day. Have to find more dolls for our next adventure!

  2. They are so cute. You did an awesome job with them. Next time I'll bring you one of the big Kelly's for your collection :O) Me too, I can't wait for our next dolly day

  3. Wow, you ladies look like you had a blast! I wish I lived closer. : )
    The furniture looks nice. Alicia and Nyia are too cute! So sweet of Fran to gift you. That is really nice that you all got together for a day full of fun.

  4. What a great day! Thanks for sharing the pictures. I love putting faces behind the names. Hey Frannie. Hey Anika. So nice to meet you again. Alicia and Nyia are so adorable! You did a wonderful job on them.

  5. I wanna learn how to flock. :( I need some flock first though. This is how a playdate should be!

  6. Oh how cool!!! :) I saw the other blogs about your awesome day! Like I said, so jealous! lol Wish I lived closer! :)

  7. It looks like you three had a doll-lightful time! So sweet of Frannie to gift you with the two adorable dolls. I have the Terri Lee doll (Nyia) whose manufactured name is either Patty Jo or Bonnie Lou (both dolls use the same head sculpt). The other doll (Alicia) is by Swiss artist, Heidi Ott, originally named Elle, sold exclusively through Target stores in the late 1990s, part of the Faithful Friends Collection. I have Elle and her brother Will, too.


  8. I love Nyia's hairdo. What a fun playdate!

  9. Thanks ladies for your wonderful comments. A great time was had by all!

    Hey, its Muff - I purchased my flocking stuff from Check out her website. She has a huge assortment of colors for flocking and rerooting. I tried the flocking from Michaels craft store and was not satisfied with the results or colors.

    Hey Cat, we wished you lived closer as well! We had a ball.

    Debbie, thank you so much for naming the dolls for me! I was gonna reach out to you later this week for an identification. They cleaned up well! I should have taken a before pic of Alicia LOL. After I washed them up, did hair and purchased them each a new outfit from Target (on clearance)
    then they looked awesome! To think Fran said she paid a quarter each for them! Go figure!!!

    Thanks Limbe dolls. It was a fun playdate!

  10. You're welcome, Chynadoll! Glad I could help you name them. 25 cents was definitely a great buy, especially considering the fact that both dolls retailed for more than $25 each. I believe the Heidi Ott doll's original price was $39 or $49.

    There are three Terri Lee dolls (Bonnie Lou, Ella Princess Ballerina, and Patty Jo) on pages 215-216 in Black Dolls: A Comprehensive Guide. Based on your doll's side part, I think she is Patty-Jo (see image on page 216).


  11. Hello from Spain, i would like to live near you. I´d love to teach them to paint the furniture in the adult Barbie color and not everything in pink they sell. A pity! I love teach us pictures of the doll´s day. Keep in touch

  12. Aren't dolly friends the best!! I can just imagine how fun it must of been. Oh my gosh, and the great dolls you received from Fran. Go ahead Anika, your going to inspire me to paint that kitchen too.


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